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Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and Promotion

Fourth Edition
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December 2017 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Using a wide range of visual examples and case studies, Advertising and Promotion 4th edition introduces the reader to the key concepts, methods and issues and illustrates these with first-hand examples gathered from leading international advertising agencies and brand campaigns. Told from the perspective of the agency, it gives a fun and creative insider view helping the reader to think beyond the client position and understand what it might be like working within an ad agency.

Drawing not only from management and marketing research but also from other disciplines such as cultural/media studies and sociology, the authors offer a rounded and critical perspective on the subject to those looking to understand advertising as social phenomenon in addition to its business function and purpose.


The new edition has in-depth coverage of online advertising and the role of social media in advertising including metrics and analytics and includes advertising examples by global brands including Adidas, Benetton, BMW, Dove and DeBeers. “Snapshots” bring in aspects of cross-cultural advertising such as Barbie in China.


The book is complemented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for lecturers and students, including PowerPoint slides, SAGE journal articles, links to further online resources and author Videos.


The textbook is also supported by an author-written blog which keeps readers updated on interesting, topical examples relating to advertising and promotion from current affairs and popular culture:

Suitable for Advertising, Marketing and Communications modules at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Chapter 1: Advertising and Promotion Under Convergence
Chapter 2: Advertising Theory
Chapter 3: Brands and Promotional Communication
Chapter 4: The Creative Agency Model
Chapter 5: Strategy and Creativity
Chapter 6: Media and Audience Planning
Chapter 7: Non-Advertising Promotion
Chapter 8: Global Advertising Strategy
Chapter 9: Brands on the Defensive - Ethics and Regulation for Advertising
Chapter 10: Advertising Research


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It is really good to see a new edition of this excellent research-driven, theoretically informed yet clear and engaging text; it offers  many  insights into the contemporary practice of  advertising  and promotion, illustrated by a wealth of  international examples.

Professor Stephanie O'Donohoe
The University of Edinburgh Business School

Hackley and Hackley’s text is a refreshing addition to the set of available textbooks on the topic. The authors masterfully bridge the intellectual traditions of the managerial and the socio-cultural to arrive at a keen understanding of how consumer culture can be influenced by those engaged in advertising and promotion, as well as the new hybrid forms constantly appearing.

Professor Jacob Ostberg
Professor of Advertising and PR, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University

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