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Smagorinsky, Peter

Peter Smagorinsky University of Georgia, USA

Peter Smagorinsky is Distinguished Research Professor of English Education at The University of Georgia. He began his career as an educator as a hall monitor and substitute teacher in the Trenton, NJ area before teaching high school English in three schools in the Chicago area from 1976-1990, also coaching track and basketball. After beginning his career as a teacher educator at the University of Oklahoma in 1990, he moved to UGA in 1998. He has won numerous awards for his teaching, service, and research, most recently the 2014 Steve Witte Award from the American Educational Research Association; the 2014 UGA Service-Learning Research Excellence Award; the 2013 National Council of Teachers of English David H. Russell Research Award for Distinguished Research in the Teaching of English; and the 2012 Sylvia Scribner Award from the American Educational Research Association. His current interests center on the teaching and learning of literacy; the process of becoming a secondary school English teacher; and issues surrounding mental health as a facet of educational inclusion.