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Brand Management

Brand Management
Co-creating Meaningful Brands

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January 2018 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Presenting the basics of brand management, the book provides both a theoretical and practical guide to brands, placing emphasis on the theory that the consumer is a co-creator in a brand's identity.

In a world in which social media and inclusive digital platforms have increased customer engagement, the role of brands and branding has changed. The line between the producer and the consumer has become blurred; consumers are no longer the recipients of brand identity, but the co-creators, playing a significant role in shaping new products and systems.

To help students better understand the basics of brand management, and the co-creation theory, the book includes a collection of geographically diverse case studies, including: Burger King, Lego, Lynx, Maserati, HSBC and Vegemite.

The book is complemented by online resources for lecturers and students, including PowerPoint slides, journal articles, web and video links, and a selection of exclusive videos with a professional brand consultant.

Suitable reading for students of branding and brand management modules.

Part I: Foundations of Co-creating Brand Meaning
Chapter 1: Brands and Branding
Chapter 2: Understanding Brand Users
Chapter 3: Brand Equity
Chapter 4: Data, Insights, and Measurement
Part II: Co-Creating Brand Meaning Over Time
Chapter 5: The Beginnings - New Brand Co-Creation
Chapter 6: Building and Maintaining a Brand's Position
Chapter 7: Extending the Brand, Partnering, and Managing Brand Portfolios
Chapter 8: Brand Innovation: Revitalizing and Refreshing Brands
Part III: Brand Management Challenges
Chapter 9: Global Branding
Chapter 10: Corporate Branding, Services, and Business-to-Business Branding
Chapter 11: Ethics and Brands
Chapter 12: Managing Brand Crisis


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This textbooks offers cutting edge insights on how to manage a brand given the consumer’s active role in creating brand meaning. How to harness consumer’s creativity to generate and maintain compelling brand narratives is a key feature. A must read for aspiring brand managers.

Giana M. Eckhardt
Professor of Marketing, Royal Holloway University of London

In this book, Beverland blends his sharp intellect with a clear, witty and engaging writing style that will entice students and academics to think deeply.  He sets branding into its social and business context, with strong links to broader marketing theory as well as a frank and encouraging treatment of future brand challenges.

Colin Jevons
Monash Business School, Australia

Amazing! Michael Beverland has distilled a great amount of evidence from around the world to produce a clear and succinct text on brand management, with a focus on consumers as co-creator of meanings.  The new insights address the brand challenges of our time. This is a remarkable example of relevance for both academics and practitioners.

Zoe Lee
Lecturer in Marketing, University of Bath

This is a useful addition to the module which provides the students with information to consider branding issues in relation to leadership. The author has presented information in a way that is easy for the students to interpret and understand. I have placed this book onto our reading list.

Mr Stuart Woodcock
Department of Law, Chester University
May 9, 2018

Brand Management by Michael Beverland is well-presented. Structure and content are very user-friendly.
The content and design of the book are modern, fresh and relevant.

Miss Anne Chalmers
Marketing, Sales & Entrepreneurship (Business School) , Edinburgh Napier University
November 28, 2017