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Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Education

Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Education

July 2020 | 208 pages | Learning Matters

Gender stereotypes can squash talent, limit educational experiences and achievement and corrode aspirations, which in turn can limit professional opportunities and prospects. Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Education in education is written for anyone working with or aspiring to work with children and young people in education. It is particularly suited to trainee teachers and education students.  


  • Embedded within each chapter are prompts for self-reflection, activities and practical strategies to improve practice.
  • Provides 'real life' examples and case studies that share best practice. 

Gender and Gender Stereotype formation
Transgender non-binary gender
Constructing self: gender, social background and ethnicity in developing educational identities
Subject choice, career decisions and the economics of gender stereotyping
Early years and play
Mathematics education
The history curriculum in primary and secondary schools
Sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools
Advocating good practice with parents, colleagues and school leaders
Empowering Women from the bottom to the top; parents, community and partnership.
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