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Comparative Mental Health Policy

Comparative Mental Health Policy
From Institutional to Community Care

September 1997 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book presents a comparative analysis of mental health policy in Western Europe and North America. It also considers how and why differences have developed in the implementation of these policies. Author Simon Goodwin examines the transition from institutional to community-based models of care for people with mental health problems, identifying variations in the inception, pace, and style in which community-based service provision has emerged in different countries. Goodwin also assesses the problems and issues that have arisen as a result of the shift toward more community-based systems of care and treatment and argues that it is a policy made up of conflicting aims and purposes and that this is reflected in its implementation. Comparative Mental Health Policy is an accessible review of mental health services in different countries and will be of interest to students and academics in comparative social policy, mental health, sociology of health, and nursing studies.

Postwar Mental Health Policy
Orthodox Accounts of the Policy Shift
Radical Accounts of the Policy Shift
Problems and Issues within Existing Accounts
Specialization, Accessibility and Variation
Themes in the Analysis of Postwar Mental Health Policy

Problems and Issues in Community Care
Service Development Issues
Which Way Forward? Mental Health Services for the New Millennium


`Accessible review of policy worthy of a place upon an Undergraduate community care reading list' - Journal of Social Policy and Administration

`Opening the book for the first time, the reader will be struck by the clear approach the author has taken to the very complex task of explaining the shift from institutional to community care.... Anyone who has an interest or works in the field of mental health provision should have this book on their top 10 reading list. For an excellent introduction and journey through the development and implementation of mental health policy both here, in Western Europe and North America you could not ask for more. The author goes to great lengths to explain the limitations of comparative analysis in this field, but opens a vista of research and thinking that stimulates both thought and reasoning on the nature of mental health services and their efficacy within the wider context of societies. To have mental health policy placed within a wider context is both useful and necessary for anyone in this field - first to avoid the pitfalls of professional self-adulation, but also to help those who wish to influence policy understand some of the less explicit reasons behind policy development and implementation' - The Health Service Journal

`This expert overview will provide practitioners and policy-makers with food for thought. It is a relatively easy read compared to many comparitive texts and does well to explain to the reader the essentials of policy....Goodwin's focus is both learned and reflective in what is often an emotional arena' - International Social Work

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