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Communication & Media Studies

Written Communication Communication & Media Studies … Global Media and Communication … Mobile Media & Communication

Communication and Media Studies

A Critical/Cultural Introduction Communication and Media Studies … Mass Communication: Living in a Media World 4e » Jandt, Fred … Media Research Methods: Understanding Metric and Interpretive …

Communication & Media Studies News

within the strong critical tradition in media and cultural studies … interdisciplinary forum for international research on communication and media with a focus on China. It covers both Chinese communication and media from …

Communication & Media Studies

resources and tools in communication, media studies, and journalism. Known for … field. Communication & Media Studies


communication, media sociology, and ethnographic study of the audience/users. One … National Centre for Communication Innovation Studies at Communication University of China, Beijing. His research interests include: media studies and …

Fuchs, Christian

Christian Fuchs

Information Age: A Media and Communication Studies Perspective on Capital Volume … Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute. He is also the Director of the Westminster Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of …

John L. Sullivan

John L. Sullivan is Associate Professor of Media & Communication at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. He earned his B.A. in German and Media Studies from Pomona College and his M.A. and …

Bonnie J. Dow

Celeste Condit) of Women’s Studies in Communication and former co-editor (with Celeste Condit) of Critical Studies in Media Communication. &nbsp … Associate Professor of Speech Communication at the University of Georgia. She …

Christian Fuchs

and the Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute. His research fields are critical theory, critical media/communication studies … a critical theorist of communication and digital media. He is the author of …

Artz, Lee

Lee Artz

studies. He teaches courses in mass communication, media theory … Change It; The Media Globe: Trends in International Communication; Bring … Corporate Media Hegemony; Public Media and the Public Interest, Communication