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Editorial dignity at work policy

Sage policy on abusive behavior and bullying in relation to editorial processes

We are committed to supporting all individuals’ right to dignity and safety in their work, and we do not tolerate abusive treatment or bullying of our staff, or any other parties involved in any aspect of the editorial process, including editors, editorial board members, authors, journal editorial staff, or others.  Additionally, we may choose not to engage in a publishing transaction or relationship where we determine that doing so would compromise these values.

Sage will not tolerate conduct, speech, or behavior that is offensive, intimidating, malicious, or insulting or makes someone feel distressed, demeaned, humiliated, vulnerable, or threatened. We recognize this can take place in any setting and be conducted through any form, including electronic communication, and may be based on a single incident. 

We expect all parties involved in the authorship, review, editorial, and publishing processes – including, but not limited to all activities related to researching, writing, and submitting a paper through publication – will uphold and act consistently with these principles in their interactions with others.  We reserve the right to refrain from engaging with, or discontinue any engagement with, any party whom we determine has been abusive or bullying of others in this context. We may additionally take further action as we deem appropriate under the circumstances.