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Good Grammar for Students

Good Grammar for Students

First Edition
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October 2005 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Many students set out in further and higher education with little grounding in the skills required for academic writing. This practical guide will give students a command of grammar, spelling and punctuation, enabling them to improve the quality and accuracy of their writing. The book includes:

- the basics of English grammar - how sentences are structured;

- help with spelling and punctuation;

- tips on avoiding the most common mistakes and pitfalls;

- advice on how students can improve their writing in essays, reports and projects.

The book is packed with examples to illustrate points and highlight good and bad practice, and contains handy tips and student exercises.

An indispensable companion for undergraduate students on any Social Science, Humanities or Arts degree course, Good Grammar for Students is also an ideal text for Study Skills modules at first year undergraduate level across the social sciences.

What Do we Mean by 'Grammar' - Good and Bad?
Some Basic Terminology
Matching the Bits
Clauses - Main and Subordinate
Sentence Arrangements
Sentences into Texts
Getting your Point Across
Why Can't I Rely on my Computer's Grammar Checker?
Spelling and Punctuation
Where to Go for Further Information


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A good essential read for students to help them draft and proof read work.

Suzanne Clarke
Care, Health & Early Years, Cambridge Regional College
March 13, 2020

Practical and easy quick reference guide. Terms are clearly explained often with examples. Although the basics of grammar this guide would be suitable for all advanced levels of study as a reference and to the point grammar guide for any student. The exercises are great for checking what you have just learnt and could also be used as a class task especially if a group is having a similar grammar problem.

Mr Richard Francis Thompson King
Vocational Education, St. Helens College
September 12, 2018

I have put this in the 'essential' category as the numbers of students who would benefit from it is steadily increasing it seems. A very helpful little book!

Dr Carol Taylor
Health , Manchester Metropolitan University
November 14, 2013

Covers all areas and easy to understand. User friendly layout and suitable for students of all levels.

Miss Sarah Coulson
Care, Sport and Leisure, Tyne Metropolitan College
July 15, 2013

The students who need to read this (or the ones that I think that need to read it!) are unlikely to engage with the format.

Mr Graham Harvey
School of sport, health and outdoor education, University of Wales, Trinity St David
November 8, 2012

An essential book to accompany all courses. Easy for the student to understand. It is structured to cover all adult students.

Mrs Cheryl Hine
Teacher Training, Leeds City College
October 27, 2012

This book is not just suitable for students whose first language is not English, but also for native speakers. It is well structured and user-friendly for university students at all levels.

Dr Jason Tsai
Health and Social Care, Lincoln University
July 14, 2012

A good depth of knowledge regarding grammatical issues for students - relevant at all levels.

Mrs Sarah Cooper
FMAS, Southampton Solent University
December 10, 2010

The book will provide a valuable resource for those few students who need to improve their writing skills.

Mr Jonathan Hall
Planning and Sustainable Development, University College Cork (NUI)
September 17, 2010