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Handbook of College and University Teaching

Handbook of College and University Teaching
A Global Perspective

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February 2012 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Enhance your teaching style with James E. Groccia's systemic and insightful seven-variable model using a truly international perspective.

The need to understand learning and teaching from multiple cultural perspectives has become critically important in educating the next generation of college students. Using a unique global view, this comprehensive volume presents international perspectives on critical issues impacting teaching and learning in diverse higher education environments. Education experts from around the world share their perspectives on college and university teaching, identifying international differences and similarities. The chapters are organized around a model developed by James E. Groccia, which focuses on seven interrelated variables that must be explored to develop a full perspective of college and university teaching and learning. These interrelated variables include teacher, learner, learning process, learning context, course content, instructional processes, and learning outcomes. Using this logical model, the contributors provide readers with a guide for systemic thinking about how to improve teaching and learning, curriculum development, and assessment.

James E. Groccia
Chapter 1 A Model For Understanding Teaching and Learning
Virgina J. Anderson
Chapter 2 Effective Grading and Assessment: Gloal Insights to Enhance Student Learning, Faculty Satisfaction, and Institutional Success
Regan A. R. Gurung, R. Eric Landrum
Chapter 3 Using the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to Improve Learning Outcomes
Kätlin Vanari, Einike Pilli
Chapter 4 From Document to Practice: Application of Outcome-Based Assessment in the Curricula of Police and Border Guard Service
Jacquelyn Cranney, Helen Dalton
Chapter 5 Optimizing Adaptive Student Behaviors
Saleh H. Alwasal, Solaiman M. AlHadlaq
Chapter 6 Preparing Middle Eastern Students for the Future: Saudi Arabia as a Case Study
Dennis B. Galvan, Jeremy L. Brunson
Chapter 7 Culture and Disability in the Classroom
Stacey C. Nickson
Chapter 8 Developing Faculty for the 21st Century In South Africa: Building Capacity Through Collaborative Preparation Programs
Shelda Debowski, Lorraine Stefani, Margaret W. Cohen, Angela Ho
Chapter 9 Sustaining and Championing Teaching and Learning - In Good times or Bad
Mohammed A. Al-Sudairy
Chapter 10 An Effective Model for the Professional Development of Middle-Eastern Faculty
Kenneth D. Keith
Chapter 11 Culture and Teaching: Lessons from Psychology
Shakeer Abdullah
Chapter 12 The Implications of Muslim Beliefs, Practices, and Traditions on University Teaching and Learning
Annie Trapp
Chapter 13 The Context of Learning: Changes in UK Higher Education
Qi Sun
Chapter 14 Learning for Transformation in an International Context: The Implications of a Confucian Learning Model
Vesna Kovac, Marko Turk
Chapter 15 Review of New University Education Policy Implementation in Croatia
Laurie Lomas
Chapter 16 Impact of Organizational Culture on the Leadership of Higher Education Curriculum Development
Shelda Debowski
Chapter 17 Leading Higher Education Teaching, Learning and Innovation
Richard S. Velayo
Chapter 18 Internationalizing the Curriculum
Emad Ismail, Mohamed Hassan
Chapter 19 Cultural Contexts and Curricular Design in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Nations
Camille Kandiko, Paul Blackmore
Chapter 20 Strategic Curriculum Change
Ian Kinchin
Chapter 21 Visualizing Knowledge Structures of University Teaching to Relate Pedagogic Theory and Academic Practice
Maria Martinez Witte, James Witte
Chapter 22 Culture and Learning Styles
Kevin Downing, Kristina Shin
Chapter 23 Metacognitive Learning and Culture
Jared Keeley, Andrew Christopher, William Buskist
Chapter 24 Emerging Evidence for Excellent Teaching across Borders
Helen Fox
Chapter 25 Writing for the U.S. University
Carol M. Archer, Stacey C. Nickson
Chapter 26 Culture Bump: An Instructional Process for Cultural Insight
Po Li Tan
Chapter 27 Intercultural Pedagogy: Deep Cultural Issues and Challenges for Global Universities
Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen, Anete M. Camille Strand, Anja Overgaard Thomassen
Chapter 28 Conceptual Bases of Problem-Based Learning
Ted Sommerville, Veena Singaram
Chapter 29 Problem-Based Learning and Its Application to South African Medical Education
Peter J. Giordano
Chapter 30 Confucius and Buddha in the College Classroom: Relational Virtuosity in Teaching and Learning
Geoffrey Crisp
Chapter 31 Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Using Technology

Detailed chapters and very easy to implement suggestions.

Professor Carrie Perry
Business Administration Dept, California State University - Fullerton
August 1, 2012
Key features

Key Features

  • A Model for Understanding University Teaching and Learning: provides a holistic picture of the multiple variables that are essential in university teaching and offers instructors multiple ways to enhance teaching.
  • Global Perspectives: International and multicultural perspectives on critical issues in higher education empower university and college teachers to better understand and enhance teaching and learning.

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