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How to Use Psychological Research

How to Use Psychological Research
A Guide for Those New to Studying Psychology

October 2024 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Knowing how to find, analyse, and write about research papers is a foundational skill of your psychology degree that will set you up to ace your assessments.

This book equips you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively use psychological research in your essays and reports. Using annotated examples and written in an accessible and interactive style that presumes no prior knowledge of psychology, it demonstrates how to glean exactly what you need from research papers to convey your points without getting side-tracked, allowing you to showcase your understanding of key concepts.

How to Use Psychological Research is essential reading at the start of your degree and a useful guide for assessments throughout your studies.

Amanda Morris is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Essex and an Associate Lecturer at the Open University.

Tracey Elder is a Senior Lecturer and Staff Tutor at the Open University.

Chapter 1: Psychological research – why all the fuss?
Chapter 2: Core perspectives in psychology
Chapter 3: How is psychology research conducted and disseminated?
Chapter 4: Psychological research – where do I find it?
Chapter 5: Thinking critically about psychology
Chapter 6: Guidance on reading psychological research
Chapter 7: How to use psychological research in an essay
Chapter 8: How to use psychological research in a report
Chapter 9: Referencing

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