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Key Questions in Healthcare Law and Ethics

Key Questions in Healthcare Law and Ethics

December 2020 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Unlike most law and ethics books, this text was specifically written with the student in mind. It assumes no prior knowledge and is designed to make the reader feel like they're having a conversation with a knowledgeable friend. The book covers the main aspect of law and ethics required for studying and working in health care, including an introduction to law and ethics and an overview of regulation of the health care worker. By using questions throughout each chapter, all the important information is covered in a way that allows the reader to easily find what they may be looking for as well as giving a structure to the various topics.

Section A: Consent and confidentiality
Chapter 1: Consent
Chapter 2: Confidentiality
Chapter 3: Competent Adult Patient
Chapter 4: Incompetent Adult Patient
Chapter 5: Competent Child
Chapter 6: Incompetent Child
Chapter 7: Parents
Chapter 8: Other Relatives
Chapter 9: Colleagues
Chapter 10: Coroner/Police/Other Bodies
Section B: Specific Topics
Chapter 11: Mental Health
Chapter 12: Treatments
Chapter 13: Records
Chapter 14: Death
Chapter 15: Mistakes
Chapter 16: The Nurse/Health Professional/Doctor

This textbook provides a quick, easy reference to key understandings of law and ethics for healthcare professionals and students alike. Using a well-thought out Q & A approach allows you to appreciate how law and ethics impacts upon day to day clinical practice. 

Tom Walvin
Plymouth University, Adult Nurse Lecturer

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