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Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
The Reflective Professional

Second Edition

June 2009 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
''This book provides teachers in higher education with what they need - a compelling framework for improving student learning. It combines a comprehensive synthesis of the latest research on learning and teaching with practical strategies for implementing it in their classrooms."
 —Ken Bain, Vice Provost for Instruction, Montclair State University

Praise for the First Edition

For too long we have waited for a book that brings together the best contemporary thinking about learning and teaching and that connects with academics' everyday teaching practice in an engaging way. At last, in this book, we have it."
—Ronald Barnett, Institute of Education, University of London

Around the world, higher education services are challenged by increased numbers and diversity of students, tougher demands for professional accountability, increasing calls for educational relevance and thinning resources. This new edition addresses key issues in the practice and theory of teaching and learning in the sector and includes updated and revised discussions of:

  • the professional in academic practice
  • mentoring
  • teaching with technology
  • the relationship between learning objectives, outcomes and assessment
  • the novice teacher

The authors draw upon theory, practice and current research to provide a new way of thinking about the many aspects of learning and teaching in higher education, enabling the reader to critically reflect upon their teaching. They also propose a model for developing, conducting and producing evidence for continuous professional development appropriate to the higher education academic community.

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education: The Reflective Professional is intended for lecturers, researchers, staff developers and others providing and/or supporting teaching in higher and professional education.

Introduction: The Challenge of Professionalism
The Reflective Professional in Academic Practice
A Critical Matrix of Learning and Teaching
Designing: Course and Curriculum Design
Lecturing: Large-group Teaching
Facilitating: Small-group Teaching
Supervising: Project, Dissertation, and Thesis Guidance
Innovating: Teaching with Technology
Assessing: Student Assessment
Evaluating: Teaching and Course Evaluation
Realizing the Reflective Professional
Appendix: Structured Observation of Teaching: Guidelines

It is a very good book, well-written, easily understandable and close to my needs and expectations as a lecturer

Dr George Varvatsoulias
Counselling, Newham College of Further Education
April 25, 2015

This text helps to understand the complexities of learning and teaching.

Miss Ruth Roxburgh
School of Health & Social Care, Chester University
March 31, 2015

I am going to recommend this book as essential reading for the PGCert HE programme. This book has been invaluable to my progress, and the pursuit of studies in Higher Education.

Mrs Sheila Sobrany
School of Health and Education, Middlesex University
February 12, 2015

general additional resource

Dr Peter Gossman
CELT, Manchester Metropolitan University
January 18, 2015

This book complies with all the needs of the course.

Mr Francisco Velazquez
Académico, Universidad del Golfo de México
December 21, 2014

useful supplementary reader for students as it explores different aspects of educational practice and theory.

Mrs Adele Sewell
tEACHER TRAINING , Bishop Burton College
December 16, 2014

An in-depth handbook covering everything form designing a module to mentoring and student assessment.

Miss Louise Kay
Department of Education, Huddersfield University
November 7, 2014

Very useful, enabling the student/teacher to build further knowledge and skills through theory relating to practical examples of case studies/diagrams within this publication.

Miss Tracey Canham
Health Care And Early Years, Swindon College
October 19, 2014

this book provides teachers in higher education with what they need. A useful book full of both theory and practical advice on application.

Mrs Debra Cushen
care and education, Univ. of Wales
September 21, 2014

Continues to be a supportive publication for teaching in higher education.

Miss Tracey Canham
Health Care And Early Years, Swindon College
September 7, 2014

While the essential character and approach of this book have been retained, this new edition has been substantially updated with references to recent research, literature and teaching practices. When the book was first published, the millennium had just happened. Now, after almost a decade, we have seen startling changes in the use of technology in higher education and the increasing globalization of learning and teaching.
Having been situated in both London and Chicago during this time, the authors were also conscious of the international tensions differentiating the study and practice of learning and teaching – particularly between the UK and the US. This new edition consciously draws upon the diverse body of international literature and describes key areas of agreement.

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Chapter One