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Organizing Government

Organizing Government

Four Volume Set
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June 2010 | 1 576 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Comprising theoretical and empirical perspectives and drawn from international journals with a global focus, Organizing Government, a three-volume set presents the key papers in macro-organizational and micro-organizational studies and their implications on public administration.

Divided into two sections, the first part of this collection adopts a sector-wide focus, concentrating on the issues of governance, politics, markets and competition, regulation and inter-organizational relations. The second section concentrates on management issues in an organizational context, addressing leadership, strategy and change management.

Drawing on experience of both academic and professional spheres, the editors incorporate a range of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives spanning organizational behavior, organizational theory, human resource management and strategy, forming a resource that will be invaluable to all students of management in the public sector.

Inter-Organizational Relations
The Iron Cage Revisited: Institutional isomorphism and collective Rationality in organizational fields Paul J. DiMaggio and Walter W. Powell
Studying Governance and Public Management: Challenges and prospects Laurence E. Lynn Jr., Carolyn J. Heinrich and Carolyn J. Hill
The Creation and Evolution of Quasi Markets in the Public Sector: A problem for strategic management Ewan Ferlie
Bureaucratic Theory Meets Reality: Public choice and service contracting in U.S. local government George A. Boyne
Privatization and Its Reverse: Explaining the dynamics of the government contracting process Amir Hefetz and Mildred Warner
'What Counts Is What Works'? Constructing Evaluations of Market Mechanisms Janet Newman
The New Governance: Governing without government R.A.W. Rhodes
Governance without Government? Rethinking public administration Guy Peters and John Pierre
A Preliminary Theory of Interorganizational Network Effectiveness: A comparative study of four community mental health systems Keith G. Provan and H. Brinton Milward
Using Collaboration as a Governance Strategy: Lessons from six watershed management programs Mark T. Imperial
The new Governance: Practices and processes for stakeholder and citizen participation in the work of government Lisa Blomgren Bingham, Tina Nabatchi and Rosemary O'Leary
The Dynamics of Multi-Organizational Partnerships: An analysis of changing modes of governance Vivien Lowndes and Chris Skelcher
The Old Ways Are the Best? The Durability and Usefulness of Bureaucracy in Public Sector Management Jill Schofield
Regulation of Professionals
The Study of Administration Woodrow Wilson
A Theory of Political Control and Agency Discretion Randall L. Calvert, Mathew D. McCubbins and Barry R. Weingast
The Dynamics of Political-Bureaucratic Adaptation B. Dan Wood and Richard W. Waterman
Expertise in Accountability: Institutions and Techniques Patricia Day and Rudolf Klein
New Modes of Control in the Public Service Paul Hoggett
Control, Bargains, and Cheating: The Politics of Public-Service Reform Christopher Hood
Auditing and the Reinvention of Governance Michael Power
Public Services and the Theory of Regulation Michael Barrow
An Inspector Calls? Regulation and Accountability in Three Public Services Gordon Hughes, Robert Mears and Christopher Winch
The Web of Managerial Accountability: The impact of reinventing government Stephen Page
Regulatory Problems in the Public Sector: Theories and Cases Rachel Ashworth, George A. Boyne and Richard M. Walker
Performance Management
Evolution of Performance Measurement until 1930 Daniel W. Williams
The Theory of Government Failure Julian Le Grand
On the Concept of Organizational Goal Herbert A. Simon
Organizational Performance and Multiple Constituencies Herman L. Boschken
Quality and Public Services Kieron Walsh
Citizen Satisfaction and Administrative Performance Measures: Is There Really a Link? Janet M. Kelly
Sources of Public Service Improvement: A Critical Review and Research Agenda George A. Boyne
Modeling the Impact of Public Management: Implications of Structural Context Laurence J. O'Toole Jr. and Kenneth J. Meier
Galloping Elephants: Developing Elements of a Theory of Effective Government Organizations Hal G. Rainey and Paula Steinbauer
Justification by Works or by Faith? Evaluating the New Public Management Christopher Pollitt
Outcome-Related Performance Indicators and Organizational Control in the Public Sector Peter Smith
Public and Private Management: Are they fundamentally alike in all unimportant respects? Graham T. Allison
Strategic Management in Public and Private Organizations: Implications of distinctive contexts and constraints Peter Smith Ring and James L. Perry
Comparing Public and Private Organizations: Empirical research and the power of the a priori Hal G. Rainey and Barry Bozeman
The Science of "Muddling Through" Charles E. Lindblom
If Planning Is Everything Maybe It's Nothing Aaron Wildavsky
Innovation in Public Management: The Adoption of Strategic Planning Frances Stokes Berry
Policy Making and Administration in State Agencies: Strategic management approaches Barton Wechsler and Robert W. Backoff
Managerial Strategies in Local Government Royston Greenwood
Strategy Content and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Analysis Rhys Andrews, George A. Boyne and Richard M. Walker
The Fiscal Distress of Local Governments in Israel: Sources and Coping Strategies Abraham Carmeli
Upper Echelons: The Organization as a Reflection of Its Top Managers Donald C. Hambrick and Phyllis A. Mason
The Romance of Leadership James R. Meindl, Sanford B. Ehrlich and Janet M. Dukerich
Administrative Reform: Changing leadership roles? Tom Christensen
Administrative Leadership, Neo-Managerialism, and the Public Management Movement Larry D. Terry
Average Tenure of Academic Department Heads: The effects of paradigm, size, and departmental demography Jeffrey Pfeffer and William L. Moore
Explaining the Tenure of Local Government Managers Richard C. Feiock and Christopher Stream
Integrative Leadership in the Public Sector: A model of performance-information use Donald P. Moynihan and Patricia Wallace Ingraham
An Evaluation of Leadership as a Response to Agency Failure in the Public Sector Joe Wallis and Brian Dollery
The Role of Democratic Values in Transformational Leadership Janet V. Denhardt and Kelly B. Campbell
Developing and Testing an Integrative Framework of Public Sector Leadership: Evidence from the public education arena Sergio Fernandez
Managing Change
Change in the Management of Public Services John Stewart and Kieron Walsh
Outcomes of Planned Organizational Change in the Public Sector: A meta-analytic comparison to the private sector Peter J. Robertson and Sonal J. Seneviratne
Strategies for Public Service Turnaround: Lessons from the Private Sector George A. Boyne
Redesigning Public Services: Challenges of practice for policy Terry McNulty
Public Sector Services and Their Management Stephen Ackroyd, John A. Hughes and Keith Soothill
Identifying, Enabling and Managing Dynamic Capabilities in the Public Sector Amy L. Pablo, Trish Reay, James R. Dewald and Ann L. Casebeer
Change Management - Strategy and Values in Six Agencies from the Australian Public Service Jenny Stewart and Paul Kringas
Microprocesses of Institutional Change in the Context of Privatization Gerry Johnson, Stuart Smith and Brian Codling
Managing Successful Organizational Change in the Public Sector Sergio Fernandez and Hal G. Rainey
Theorizing the Micro-Politics of Resistance: New Public Management and Managerial Identities in the UK Public Services Robyn Thomas and Annette Davies
Changing Public Service Organizations: Current Perspectives and Future Prospects Ewan Ferlie, Jean Hartley and Steve Martin

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