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Portfolio Building Activities in Social Media

Portfolio Building Activities in Social Media
Exercises in Strategic Communication


September 2021 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Featuring 125 real-world activities across various social media platforms!

Portfolio Building Activities in Social Media shows students how to communicate on social media professionally and strategically by giving them hands-on experiences with real-world challenges. From brand analyses to budget assignments to pitch activities, this practical exercise guide offers students multiple opportunities to create and build their portfolio of work. Designed to be used with Freberg’s Social Media for Strategic Communication, but flexible enough to bundle with any PR textbook, these exercises are useful to any professor looking to incorporate more activities around social media and digital brand development.

INSTRUCTORS: Your students save when you bundle Portfolio Building Activities in Social Media, Second Edition with Freberg's core text, Social Media for Strategic Communication, Second Edition. Order using bundle ISBN 978-1-0718-6142-4.

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Part I: Foundation for Creating a Strategic Mindset
Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Media: An art and science
Chapter 2: Ethical and Legal Fundamentals of Social Media
Chapter 3: Personal and Professional Branding for Social Media
Chapter 4: Diversity and Inclusion in Social Media
Chapter 5: Industry Qualifications and Roles in Social Media
Chapter 6: Research in Social Media: Listening, Monitoring, and Analysis
Part II: Understanding SM Strategy (Creative and Scientific Approaches)
Chapter 7: Strategic Planning for Social Media
Chapter 8: Influencer Marketing
Chapter 9: Paid Media
Chapter 10: Strategic Writing for Social Media
Chapter 11: Audience Segmentation and Analysis
Chapter 12: Creating, Managing and Curating Content (Strategies, Tactics, and Key Messages)
Chapter 13: Measurement, Evaluation, Budget and Calendar Considerations for Social Media
Part IV: Application and Future Considerations
Chapter 14: How social media is applied: Exploring different specializations + case studies I
Chapter 15: How social media is applied: Exploring different specializations + case studies II
Chapter 16: What does the Social Media World have that is new?
Key features
  • Over 125 real-world activities across various social media platforms offer students multiple opportunities to practice and build their communication skills
  • Assignments for each of the chapters are organized by type:
    • Individual assignments - which can be completed by each student individually and could be graded assignments for the class. These can also be tailored into online discussion questions for online classes to complete and share.
    • Group projects - which can be completed as a mini project activity, such as debates or semester-long projects like the campaign. These projects are usually between 20-40% of a student’s total grade for the class. Some of these could be final projects for a course.
    • Workshop / Consulting projects - These assignments are for an individual student, with the overall goal to apply what they have learned in class. These will either be presentations they do in class, or they promote their work to present to an online/virtual/offline audience. These would most likely be final reports or projects for entry level courses in social media, or regular assignments for upper-level or graduate classes.

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