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Putting Professional Leadership into Practice in Social Work

Putting Professional Leadership into Practice in Social Work

October 2018 | 192 pages | Learning Matters
The ability to demonstrate professional leadership is a core requirement for social work students and social workers operating at all levels. This comprehensive textbook is ideal for any student on a social work course, from undergraduate to postgraduate study, and will go onto serve as a useful reference for more experienced social work professionals. this book engages in the essential discussion of what professional leadership means in the context of contemporary social work and why this is considered to be important for the future of the profession. Each chapter contains illustrative case studies, a range of interactive activities, a summary of key point and suggestions for further reading that enable students and qualified social workers to understand the knowledge, skills and attributes required in practicing professional leadership in real life contexts. 

Chapter 1: Professionalism and the need for professional leadership in social work
Chapter 2: Leadership and followership: definitions, theories and models
Chapter 3: Leadership in the context of social work: possibilities and limits
Chapter 4: Putting leadership into practice: roles, knowledge, skills, qualities and attributes
Chapter 5: Developing leadership practice: next steps

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