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Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative Market Research

September 2001 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Qualitative Market Research follows through a complete research project from the perspective of both user and practitioner. In this respect, it can be used as both a continuous teaching text and training manual, or individual sections may be consulted to enhance knowledge of "best practices" and improve productivity in any specific research application.

Section one begins with an overview of the history and philosophy behind the practice of qualitative research, using qualitative or quantitative approaches, organizing qualitative research (particularly those in "practice" such as research consultants), qualitative research applications (including product development, branding and advertising) and the varieties of qualitative research methods. Section two looks at the management of qualitative research and discusses project management, planning and budgeting issues. Section three looks at group moderation and interviewing techniques, and section four addresses the whole area of collecting and analyzing qualitative data, including discussion of computer-assisted software methods, as well as research reporting.

This book meets the needs of several audiences by creating some common ground in the applied practice of qualitative research. It should consequently be invaluable reading to a wide readership, from social research methods students (particularly those in sociology, business, psychology, education, marketing and market research) to worldwide practitioners of qualitative research, both clients and consultants.

Understanding Qualitative Research
What Is Qualitative Research
Philosophical Foundations
Qualitative versus Quantitative
Organizing Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research Applications
Varieties of Qualitative Research
Benefits of Qualitative Research
Reducing Bias and Error
Inappropriate Uses
Managing Qualitative Research
Understanding Internal Client Needs
Developing a Useful Project Brief
Determining Clear Project Objectives
Project Planning
Project Budgeting
Global Fieldwork
Locating, Comparing and Selecting Research Firms and Moderators
Locating and Selecting Field Facilities
Conducting Research in Homes and Offices
Other Resources
Recruitment Issues and Concerns
Creating an Effective and Foolproof Screener
Quality Management of Screening
Group Moderation and Interviewing Techniques
Preparing for an Interview
The Qualitative Researcher's Frame of Mind
What Are We Looking For?
Thinking Creatively
Creating and Using Discussion and Observation Guides
Guidelines for Observing Research Sessions
The Stages of a Research Interview
Playing the Moderator Role
Understanding Respondent Motivations
Using Group Dynamics Effectively
Asking Questions Fairly
Interpreting Body Language
Exercises in the Focus Group
Projective and Elicitation Techniques
Problem Participants and How to Manage Them
Keeping the Discussion Focused
Managing Interview Contingencies
Closing the Interview Effectively
Maximizing the Usefulness of Creative Barnstorming Sessions
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Observational Research
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Research with Special Populations
Qualitative Analysis, Reporting and Internal Communication
Collecting Data
Developing Persuasive Presentations
Closing the Engagement
Advancing the Research Function

"It is the ultimate training guide, mixing scholastic rigor with a very readable style, geared to serve as an encyclopedic reference." 

Anne Ward

". . . a comprehensive survey of the topic . . . a complete resource and a fundamental yet creative cookbook . . . Mariampolski offers detailed suggestions on how to effectively set up each particular type of project with step-by-step guidelines on how to proceed at each stage along the way. . . . It will be very interesting to those who wish to work in marketing, advertising, or research."

Journal of Advertising Research

I like that book, as it is more "hands-on" than typical literature. I started teaching a month ago and i learned soon, that many books just offer theory instead of "how to´s" when working practically as a researcher. I would love to see more pictures and tables in the next edition of this book. While its excellent with regards to its contents, it may be helpfull to design it more colourfull to support and ease up learning.

Dr Anna Schneider
Psychology , Hochschule Fresenius
April 4, 2016

in this book, the whole process of researching qualitative is described. i like that a lot, as most books tend to not give such detailed feedback.
I would consider to add some examples, and to add some summaries, as students tend to read boxes instead of long text-passages

Dr Anna Schneider
Psychology , Hochschule Fresenius
April 14, 2016
Key features
  • An international focus and multicultural approach which is essential in 21st century qualitative research.
  • A contextualizing overview of the history and philosophy behind the practice of qualitative research.
  • It outlines an extensive range of qualitative research applications and evaluates methods of project management and data analysis.
  • It contains unique information on careers, including a practical 'guide to becoming' a qualitative research practitioner.


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