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SAGE enhance

SAGE enhance is a collection of premier digital solutions designed to enhance students’ educational experience, advance their understanding, and improve their learning outcomes. From innovative speech planning and presentation improvement tools to lab exercises and interactive statistical analysis platforms, our SAGE enhance tools bring concepts to life and promote real-world, hands-on application for a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom.

 STATLAB Online, statistics lab

Statistics come alive when students create and analyze their own data

Speech Planner

 Reach your audience one successful speech at a time!


Hands-on practice of statistics using IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base Integrated software

Public Administration Resource Center

A robust online forum featuring supplementary online-only cases, interactive exercises for students, and access to journal articles to enhance learning 

Constitutional Law Resource Center

More than 400 excerpted, supplemental cases referenced in the commentary of the Constitutional Law for a Changing America volumes


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