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Science Teaching in Secondary Schools

Science Teaching in Secondary Schools

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August 2022 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book is your essential guide to secondary science teacher training and the early career years giving smart, practical advice on developing your classroom skills and deepening your knowledge of science education.

Covering all major aspects of science teaching, including: planning and assessment, the power of subject knowledge, teaching tricky topics and health and safety in class and lab work, it will encourage you to develop an informed approach to allow you to shine as an early career teacher of science.

Key features:

·        Real life examples of how important teaching principles work in practice

·        What to look for when observing others teaching

·        Reflective questions challenging you to engage with key ideas

·        Chapters linked to the Core Content Framework and Early Career Framework

Leigh Hoath is a Senior Professional Practice Fellow at Leeds Trinity University.

Matthew Livesey is a teacher of biology at Bradford Grammar School.

Leigh Hoath and Matthew Livesey
Chapter 1: Introduction
Matthew Livesey and Paul Smith
Chapter 2: Expectations For Your Training Year
Caroline Neuberg and Devinder Gill
Chapter 3: The Importance of Subject Knowledge
Alex Sinclair and Rebecca Riley
Chapter 4: What We Can Learn From Primary School Science
Ed Podesta and Louise Cass
Chapter 5: Planning For Teaching Science
Andy Chandler-Grevatt and Claire Davies
Chapter 6: Effective Assessment In Science
Allison Barnes and Andy Chandler-Grevatt
Chapter 7: Health & Safety In Science
Mark Langley and Jessie Mytum-Smithson
Chapter 8: Practical Work In Science
Mick Dunne and Rania Maklad
Chapter 9: Teaching Tricky Topics And Abstract Concepts
Rob Butler and Adam Higgins
Chapter 10: Teaching Pupils With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND)
Jessie Mytum-Smithson and Matthew Livesey
Chapter 11: Putting Science Into Context For Pupils
Stuart Bevins and Gareth Price
Chapter 12: Challenging The Curriculum
Leigh Hoath and Matthew Livesey
Chapter 13: From Student To Early Career Teacher

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