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Strategic Management in the Media

Strategic Management in the Media
Theory to Practice

Third Edition
  • Lucy Küng - Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, UK

March 2024 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

'Its scope and learning are brilliant and dazzling.’ – Eli Noam, Columbia Business School 

  • How did The New York Times transform its organisation for the digital age?
  • How does Netflix drive performance through culture?
  • Why did Disney struggle to find a CEO to replace Bob Iger?
  • How did the BBC drive equal gender representation in its news programmes?

The media industry is developing furiously and fast, and its organisations face unprecedented levels of transformation and challenge. This fully revised third edition of the classic textbook on strategy in the media:

  • Explores key shifts in the strategic environment including the digital platforms, streamed media, the creator economy, the metaverse and generative AI.
  • Explains key concepts in strategic management with insight and clarity.
  • Applies all theories to the sector, illuminating all dimensions of the strategic task, from understanding competition and building core competencies to driving innovation, shaping culture and finding the right leadership approach.
  • Takes readers deep into innovation, disruption and strategic adaptation in action with an expanded set of new cases on a diverse range of global companies from Scandinavia to South Africa.
  • Provides new ‘Resources’ and ‘Questions’ sections to guide readers’ further study and support classroom learning.

Lucy Küng has again written the essential guide to strategy and management in the media industry. This is the ideal text for students of media studies, media economics and media management.

Professor Lucy Küng is an expert on strategy, innovation and leadership and focuses on successful responses to the challenges of digitalization. She is Senior Visiting Research Associate at the Reuters Institute, Oxford University, and Non-Executive Board Member of the NZZ Media Group and formerly of Swiss PSM broadcaster SRG and VIZRT, the media tech provider. She has held professorships at the University of Oslo, the Institute for Media and Entertainment New York (IESE) and the University of Jönköping.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Strategic Context
Chapter 3: Strategic Concepts for the Media
Chapter 4: Strategic Responses to Technological Change
Chapter 5: Creativity and Innovation
Chapter 6: Culture and Strategy
Chapter 7: Leadership
Chapter 8: Conclusions - Generative AI and the Disruption of Digital

Küng’s book stands out for its focus on concepts, drivers, and dynamics. Its scope and learning are brilliant and dazzling. This updated edition will be a source of insight for students and a tool for industry veterans who seek the perspective of academia.

Eli Noam
Columbia Business School

Covering an industry full of hope and hype, Küng’s book stands out for its focus on concepts, drivers, and dynamics. Its scope and learning are brilliant and dazzling – the ascendancy of the media tech sector, the culture of digital organizations, their creative workforce, and their strategic leadership. This greatly updated and upgraded 3rd edition, with new cases and issues, will be a source of insight for aspiring students and a tool for industry veterans who seek the perspective of academia.

Eli Noam
Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School, Director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information

The strategic environment of the media industry is changing fast” is perhaps the greatest understatement in this updated edition of Strategic Media Management.  Around the globe, media organizations are coping with unparalleled and accelerating technological disruption of a breadth and velocity never witnessed before. With an unjaundiced approach framed by strategic theory, including more invaluable case studies than ever before, Küng provides scholars, students, and practitioners with invaluable tools to map the impact on media industries by global platforms including the rise of creator culture, the breathtaking speed in which streaming services now dominate media production and distribution, and the threat already posed by the rise of next-gen technologies, whether coined the metaverse or generative AI.  

David Craig
Clinical Professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Harvard Visiting Scholar, Global Fulbright Scholar

Lucy Küng’s groundbreaking book enters its 3rd edition with a bang! Updated to cover a complex strategic context including the digital platforms, generative AI, streaming, the metaverse and more, and with new illustrative case studies on media trends and organizational practice, this book is a must read for any scholar or student of media management

John Oliver
Professor of Strategic Media Management, Bournemouth University, President of the European Media Management Association

Hail to the Küng! A must-read for industry as well as academy, this is one of the best books about strategy and management in the media industries. It is written at a time where most of what is solid melts into air, but as the line between media and technology sectors increasingly blurs, no one writes about these issues with more clarity than Lucy Küng

Aske Kammer
Associate Professor, Roskilde University

Embark on a journey to comprehend the profound impact of the digital revolution on the media industry with this essential contribution. In this fully revised third edition of Strategic Management in the Media, Lcy Küng revisits the key elements of strategy and provides invaluable insights for navigating the accelerating process of transformation.

Charo Sádaba
Professor and Dean of the School of Communication of the University of Navarra

Once again, Lucy Küng has produced the standard text in media management. Fully updated, she offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to strategic management in the media for students, lecturers and researchers. It is compulsory reading in my classes!

Ulrike Rohn
President of the European Media Management Association (emma)

In the age of relentless technological disruption, unlimited media distribution, artificial scarcity, content abundance, and non-professionalized creators and practices, successful media firms are more dependent than ever on strategic media management. In her first book, Lucy Küng identified the core concepts, strategic themes, and best practices in the field. In her second edition, Küng articulates the iterative dimensions of the media industries to account for an ever-increasing array of challenges and strategies.

David Craig
USC Annenberg

A landmark contribution to scholarship in the area of media management, Lucy Küng’s excellent and most welcome revised Strategic Management in the Media provides an empirically rich and analytically sharp-sighted guide to the forces, concepts and issues governing contemporary organizational strategies in a complex and dynamic digital media environment

Gillian Doyle
University of Glasgow

In this second edition of a book many found invaluable for research and teaching, including myself, Küng accomplishes a challenging task: to preserve all the best qualities of the first edition while both extending the scope and deepening understandings about strategic management theory in application to media industries. She has thoroughly updated an already rich assortment of case studies to ensure a much needed contemporary view of how theory informs practice, and the reverse

Gregory Ferrell
Lowe University of Tampere

Sage College Publishing

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