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The Teacher Clarity Playbook, Grades K-12

The Teacher Clarity Playbook, Grades K-12
A Hands-On Guide to Creating Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for Organized, Effective Instruction

Second Edition

75% new material, Foreword by John Hattie

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January 2024 | 208 pages | Corwin

Unlock the secrets to student achievement with purposeful learning and clear expectations

On a clear day, you can learn forever— that’s the adapted lyric you’ll be happily humming once you’ve covered this playbook, because you will have mastered using learning intentions and success criteria, the twin engines of Teacher Clarity. This template-filled guide shows you how to own it, do it, and live it—and your students will be more successful as a result.

In this fully revised edition, this succinct, smart, and swift book’s nine learning modules take you systematically through a process that begins and ends with standards. With abundant and all new examples that span grade levels, planning templates for every step, key professional learning questions, new videos, revised success criteria and relevance sections, and the latest research, you have the most practical and up-to-date planner for designing and delivering highly effective instruction:

  • Identifying Concepts and Skills
  • Sequencing Learning Progressions
  • Elaborating Learning Intentions
  • Crafting Success Criteria
  • Modifying Learning Intentions to Include Language Expectations
  • Determining the Relevance of the Learning
  • Designing Assessment Opportunities
  • Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences
  • Establishing Mastery of Standards

Designed for PLCs or independent teacher use, The Teacher Clarity Playbook helps practitioners align lessons, objectives, and outcomes of learning seamlessly, so that the classroom hours flow productively for everyone. For any teacher striving to be more organized and have stronger relationships with students, this is the book that shows you how.

Module 1: Identifying Concepts and Skills
Module 2: Sequencing Learning Progressions
Module 3: Elaborating Learning Intentions
Module 4: Crafting Success Criteria
Module 5: Modifying Learning Intentions to Include Language Expectations
Module 6: Determining the Relevance of the Learning
Module 7: Designing Assessment Opportunities
Module 8: Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences
Module 9: Establishing Mastery of Standards
Moving Forward


"The new videos for each module on the Think Alouds give teachers an explanation of how practitioners are using a specific component of teacher clarity in a comprehensible way. It is a game changer when teachers discover the best hidden secret to learning (success criteria). By adding the seven different ways of sharing what success looks like with learners, Module 4 becomes even more powerful as teachers realize the different opportunities they have to reach and empower students."

Chasity Gray
Director of Professional Learning

“Just like Teacher Clarity demystifies how to be successful teachers and learners, the authors of this practical playbook demystify Teacher Clarity for their readers. It’s a must-read, must-practice book used by all educators across our school district. It’s not another thing; it’s ‘the thing’ for targeted, successful teaching and learning!”

Dr. Angela Lyon Hinton
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Spartanburg School District Two

"This playbook equips educators with a wealth of strategies, examples, and practical tools to amplify their impact on student learning. These resources empower educators to cultivate a learning environment where students are actively engaged, while also helping teachers develop a profound understanding of their expectations, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience."

Kelly Jensen
Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Palmdale School District

"With a through line of alignment and intentionality, this second edition of The Teacher Clarity Playbook emphasizes the cognitive complexities to consider in purposeful planning. This book truly highlights and reminds us of both the art and science of teaching and deepens our appreciation for teachers and leaders."

Amy Miles
Professional Development Coordinator

"In this second edition of the playbook, teacher clarity is explicitly linked to alignment and the intentional moves teachers make when planning for and facilitating instruction. The authors provide a metacognitive roadmap for developing instruction that meets the cognitive complexity of content standards and supports students in knowing where they are now and where to next."

Angie Schultz
Director of Curriculum and Innovation
Key features

·       Designed to be used, not read, this playbook is filled with templates and tools for teachers to practice what they’re learning.

·       Can be used( ideally) in PLCs, or informally in teacher groups or even on your own.

·       Includes ·step-by-step guide with examples from across the curriculum to guide teacher learning and practice.

·       Explains core concepts, then models how the process is applied through examples for all grade levels and subjects.

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