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Understanding and Using Challenging  Educational Theories

Understanding and Using Challenging Educational Theories

Second Edition

November 2020 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Introducing 18 key educational thinkers who have offered challenging perspectives on education, this new edition comes with:

 ·         3 new chapters on Ivan Illich, Loris Malaguzzi and Michael Apple

·         A glossary of key words related to each theorist’s work

·         A context-setting overview of key themes

·         Practical examples that shows how theories can be applied in practice

 The perfect companion to Aubrey & Riley, Understanding and Using Educational Theories 2e (9781526436610)

Chapter 1: Abraham Maslow: The father of American humanism
Chapter 2: Carl Rogers: The father of client-centred therapy
Chapter 3: A.S. Neill: Freedom to learn
Chapter 4: John Goodlad: The renewal of teaching and learning, schools and teacher education
Chapter 5: Basil Bernstein: Language codes, social class, pedagogy and the curriculum
Chapter 6: Ivan Illich: Deschooling society: challenging the concept of school
Chapter 7: Pierre Bourdieu: Theory of society
Chapter 8: Michel Foucault: Power, surveillance, discipline and control in education
Chapter 9: Loris Malaguzzi: The Reggio Emilia experience
Chapter 10: Nel Noddings: Caring in education
Chapter 11: Lawrence Stenhouse: Linking the curriculum with theory, research and practice
Chapter 12: Michael Apple: Ideology, knowledge, power, and the curriculum
Chapter 13: Henry Giroux: Critical pedagogy
Chapter 14: Howard Gardner: Multiple intelligences and education
Chapter 15: John Holt: Unschooling or home schooling
Chapter 16: bell hooks: Education as the practice of freedom
Chapter 17: Jack Mezirow: Transformative learning
Chapter 18: Linda Darling-Hammond: Equity in education – policy, teachers and teaching

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