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Transform Your Math Class Using Asset-Based Teaching for Grades 6-12

Transform Your Math Class Using Asset-Based Teaching for Grades 6-12

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July 2024 | 248 pages | Corwin

Foster a love of mathematics by creating a more inclusive and empowering learning environment through asset-based teaching!

An asset-based perspective on math education means starting with what students already know instead of focusing on what’s missing. This approach elevates student thinking and reasoning skills. In this way, educators acknowledge that all students bring prior experiences, strengths, talents, and resources to the learning process and can contribute meaningfully in an authentic learning environment. Transform Your Math Class Using Asset-Based Teaching for Grades 6-12 provides insight into asset-based perspectives in mathematics education to create an environment where all students feel valued and capable of being doers of mathematics. In the book, Michael Steele and Joleigh Honey highlight the importance of using languageinstructional routines, and systemic structure that positively impact student engagement, their math identity, and ultimately their outcomes.

Providing a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies that can be used to transform math classrooms into inclusive, supportive, and empowering learning environments, this book:

  • Introduces an asset-based perspective that focuses on students' strengths, assets, and potential to learn mathematics
  • Includes a variety of frameworks and tools that teachers can use to build and grow their sense of asset-based perspectives
  • Offers strategies for promoting a growth mindset in mathematics, encouraging productive struggle in math, and promoting equitable math instruction
  • Supports teachers in reflecting on their decisions, self-awareness, and self-management
  • Includes a companion online study guide to support teachers individually or as part of a professional learning community

Adopting asset-based perspectives is about movement over time, not about flipping a switch. This book paves the path for an asset-based journey that ultimately helps to transform our math classrooms and advance all students’ learning and development.

Chapter 1: Introduction to an Asset-Based Perspective
Part 1: Asset-Based Language
Chapter 2: Honoring Student Language While Building Meaningful and Mathematically Accurate Content
Chapter 3: Empowering Students through Language
Chapter 4: Unpacking and Evolving Our Language
Part 2: Asset-Based Routines
Chapter 5: What Drives Student-Centered Instruction
Chapter 6: Increasing Student Confidence and Engagement Using Asset-Based Instructional Routines
Chapter 7: Lesson Routines that Become Practices
Part 3: Asset-Based Systems
Chapter 8: Structures and Their Impact on Mathematics Learning and Teaching
Chapter 9: Enhancing Larger Systemic Structures through Asset-Based Perspectives
Chapter 10: Leveraging Strengths Across Our Systems to Advocate for Long-Term Change
Epilogue: What Now?

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ISBN: 9781071930854