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Writing Marketing

Writing Marketing

First Edition

September 2005 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Marketing is a very diverse discipline, dealing with everything from the costs of globalization to the benefits of money-back guarantees. However, there is one thing that all marketing academics share. They are writers. They publish or perish. Their careers are advanced, and their reputations are enhanced, by the written word.

Despite its importance, writing is rarely discussed, much less written about, by marketing scholars. It is one of the least understood, yet most significant, academic competencies. It is a competency in need of careful study.

Writing Marketing is the first such study. It offers a detailed reading of five renowned marketing writers, ranging from Ted Levitt to Morris Holbrook, and draws lessons that can be adopted, with profit, by everyone else. Although it is not a `how to' book – there are no lengthy lists of dos and don'ts – Writing Marketing reveals that the `rules' of good writing are good for nothing.

Written by Stephen Brown, whose own writing skills are much commented upon, Writing Marketing is insightful, illuminating and iconoclastic. It is a must read for every marketing academic, irrespective of their methodological inclinations or philosophical preferences.

The ABCs of Writing Marketing
The Antinomies of Theodore Levitt
The Spectre of Philip Kotler
The Deconstruction of Shelby D Hunt
The Biopoetics of Wroe Alderson
The Anxieties of Morris Holbrook
The 3Rs of Marketing Writing

'Using a type of language that appears not only fascinating but genuinely fascinated, the book addresses a theme that is of great technical significance for the marketing scholar, concerning the field of literature seen as a tool that serves the purpose of communicating research but which, on another level, affects the very manner of conducting research. This theme is explored by Brown with considerable analytical complexity, through an in-depth investigation of the link between authorial profile and the literary works generated by the given author. These observations clearly illustrate why Writing Marketing constitutes extremely interesting reading material for a public of specialists in the discipline' -
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing

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