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Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner, Grades 3-5: Learner's Notebook

Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner, Grades 3-5: Learner's Notebook

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December 2018 | 200 pages | Corwin
Continue the Visible Learning Journey With Your Students

The power of Visible Learning is simple yet transforming: Help your students understand how to learn, and they can become their own teachers. 

These learner’s notebooks are the first of their kind to continue the journey of Visible Learning by helping students monitor their own progress. With an emphasis on developing and strengthening foundational metacognitive skills, the notebooks guide students to understand what they’re learning, why they’re learning it, and the strategies they need along the way.

Even young learners will become more focused as they use the notebook’s metaphor of a trip to prepare for and embark on their learning journey.

Structured to support an entire school year’s worth of learning, these notebooks help every student in your class achieve success by putting the power of Visible Learning at their fingertips.

Includes 10 Learner's Notebooks

Lesson 1: Setting Learning Goals

Lesson 2: Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner

Lesson 3: Learning Intentions and Success Criteria - How They Support Your Learning

Lesson 4: What Does Success Look Like?

Lesson 5: Using Success Criteria to keep Track of Your Progress

Lesson 6: Taking on the Learning Challenge - Part 1

Lesson 7: Taking on the Challenge of Learning - Part 2

Lesson 8: Learning How to Learn

Lesson 9: Is It Time for Feedback?

Lesson 10: Seeing Errors as Opportunities to Learn

Lesson 11: Self-Questioning to Guide Your Learning

Lesson 12: Peer Teaching with Think Alouds

Lesson 13: Teaching Your Classmates with Reciprocal Teaching

Additional Tools and Resources
1. Student learning Goal Template and Checklist

2. Assessment-Capable Visible Learner Graphic Organizer

3. Learning Intention and Success Criteria Self-Assessment

4. Co-Constructing Success Criteria Template

5. Self-Assessing Your Progress Using Success Criteria Template

6. Taking on a Learning Challenge Graphic Organizer #1

7. Taking on a Learning Challenge Graphic Organizer #2

8. Study Skills Student Checklist

9. Is It Time for Feedback? Checklist

10. Looking at Mistakes as a Chance to Grow in My Learning Template

11. Student Self-Questioning Template

12. Student Think Aloud Checklist

13. Student Sentence Starts for Reciprocal Teaching


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Lesson 1

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ISBN: 9781506387024