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Boosting ALL Children's Social and Emotional Brain Power

Boosting ALL Children's Social and Emotional Brain Power
Life Transforming Activities

October 2013 | 248 pages | Corwin

Proven, brain-based techniques that build social and emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills!

For a child to thrive in school today and succeed in life tomorrow, there’s no more important quality than social and emotional intelligence. Since children’s brains are still developing during the K–12 years, educators can positively influence students’ development, including strengthening essential skills such as empathy, self-management and problem-solving.

Dr. Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, one of the world’s leading experts on children and brain development, shares award-winning techniques that connect with students’ lives and concerns. Readers will find:

  • A research-based approach refined through ongoing work in public schools
  • Classroom exercises grouped by age, but adaptable for all grade levels
  • Lively activities that keep students engaged
  • Valuable content for anti-bullying initiatives and counseling programs

This new guide is an essential resource for teachers, counselors and other K–12 educators, helping them to positively shape classroom dynamics and school culture.

“The author has a way of clearly and succinctly stating how brain-based research relates to student decision-making that leads to higher levels of emotional stability, self-efficacy, and individual intelligence.”
—Laura Linde, Mentor/ Field Supervisor/ Coordinator
District 77 and Minnesota State University

About the Author
Section 1. Understanding and Mobilizing the Brain's Inherent Social and Emotional Power
1. What You REALLY Need to Know About the Brain!
2. A Closer Look at Children’s Skills
3. Facilitating With the Brain in Mind and Enthusiasm at Heart
Section 2. Building a Community of Self-Aware, Kind, and Patient Children
4. The Choice Brain Versus the Lion Brain: Self-Awareness, Calm, and Impulse Control
5. The Mind’s Hidden Treasures: Efforts, Skills, Self-Worth, and Self-Confidence
Section 3. Making Empathy, Consequence Thinking, Respect, and Responsibility More Easily Accessible in Children’s Brains
6. Shrinking Power: Keeping Problems Small
7. Double-Vision Power: Compassion Comes From a Broader Perspective
8. Anchoring Power: Rain or Shine, I Choose to Be Me
9. Foresight Power: Considering the Future Implications of Our Choices
Section 4. Empowering Young People to Competently Navigate Recurring Interactions Such as Bullying and Teasing
10. Seeing Complex Relationships in Action
11. Conclusion
Appendix 1: A Note About the Brain Powers Research Project
Appendix 2: Adaptation of Projects Across Different Ages

"The author has a way of clearly and succinctly stating the significance of the complexity of the brain based research as it relates to student decision-making that leads to higher levels of emotional stability, self-efficacy and individual intelligence."

Laura Linde, Mentor/ Field Supervisor/ Coordinator
District 77 and Minnesota State University

"Marie-Nathalie's ideas about how to boost children's socio-emotional skills are inspiring and refreshing! As a School Social Worker, I have delighted in seeing the amazed look on students' faces when they "get" how their brain works and how to harness it to be more of who they want to be. They become engaged participants in individual sessions as well as in the classroom, while teachers learn easy-to-use tools to boost what's already working instead of focusing on problem behaviors. Amongst many useful ideas, I have found the use of the super-highway metaphor most effective in teaching about the relationship between neuro-pathways and behavior."

Caroline Tremblay, Social Worker
Ontario, Canada

"This book comes from one of the world's leading experts on children's skill development and provides not just theory backed by research, but an applied approach to skill development that's already been refined and proven by public school application processes. Classroom exercises are grouped by age even though many cross over grade levels, and provide educators with specific activities, with each exercise including time frame, supportive materials, educational goal overview, and special considerations."

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
California Bookwatch, May 2014

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