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Learning to Write and Loving It! Preschool–Kindergarten

Learning to Write and Loving It! Preschool–Kindergarten

Foreword by Timothy Shanahan

August 2011 | 272 pages | Corwin

Nurturing young writers sets the stage for their success

Learning to Write and Loving It! equips teachers of young children with practical strategies, assessment tools, and motivating writing activities that are based on current research and proven practice and are easily applicable to all kinds of learning environments. Included are many authentic writing samples and photos to illustrate effective, developmentally appropriate instructional methods, mini-lessons, and activities. Sought-after author and speaker Miriam P. Trehearne demonstrates how to scaffold play and literacy learning and how to easily link assessment to instruction.

Key features:

  • Differentiate using effective instructional approaches for teaching writing and supporting inquiry and play
  • Assess and document student writing seamlessly throughout the day
  • Motivate and engage children in writing fiction (narrative), nonfiction, poetry, and song
  • Enjoy learning with a powerful collection of vignettes from real classrooms
  • Use teacher-friendly guidelines for effectively integrating technology and selecting software for young children

A companion CD offers modifiable reproducibles, observation checklists, assessments, and projects for parents to do with their young children. Learn how to successfully scaffold writing, and, in the process, foster cross-curricular skills in science, social studies, and math.

Research shows that writing provides a strong foundation for literacy development. Further, writing helps children express themselves, clarify their thinking, communicate ideas, and integrate new information into their knowledge base. This book helps teachers get children off to a strong academic start by learning to write and loving it!

Foreword by Timothy Shanahan
About the Author
1. Literacy Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten
2. Research on Writing in Preschool and Kindergarten
3. Assessing Writing in Preschool and Kindergarten
4. Effective Instructional Approaches
5. Writing Workshop
6. Writing in Fiction and Nonfiction Genres
7. Writing Songs and Poetry
8. Play Plans Before and After Centers
9. Writing Messages and Using Interactive Journals
Closing Thoughts
Find Out More About Writing in Preschool and Kindergarten

“This book is a first of its kind - full of ideas for developmentally appropriate writing activities teachers can immediately use in the classroom - a terrific resource.”

Susan B. Neuman, Professor
University of Michigan Educational Studies Department

"I was impressed with the abundance of real-life examples of classroom instruction. The inclusion of many lessons, lists of resources and references to technology, make this book very user friendly."

Iris Goldberg, Director of Early Childhood
Long Island University, Purchase, NY

“This book is extremely useful as an effective resource for any teacher of young children! It provides the necessary rationale, resources and tools to help young children write effectively, purposefully and enjoyably!”

Julie Frederick, Kindergarten Teacher
Broadview Thomson K-8, Seattle, WA

"This book carefully explains all the steps to creating a rich and varied writing experience for young children. The author has successfully consolidated years of research by well-known authors and presented it in a well-organized and useful manner."

Carol Aymar, Kindergarten Teacher
Francis Parker School, Chicago, IL

“This is a must-read for any kindergarten teacher who wants to foster writing in the classroom. It combines all the training (and more) that I have had in the last three years—all in one organized source. I can't wait to get my copy and share with my team!”

Dorothea Flanagan, Kindergarten Teacher
Oak Grove Elementary, San Antonio, TX

Learning to Write and Loving It offers a comprehensive review of current research on early writing instruction compiled to provide practical strategies including technology tips to develop writers in your classroom. A must-have writing resource for early childhood teachers!”

Sue Haas, Kindergarten Teacher
Alpha School, Morristown, TN

Learning to Write and Loving It is an uniquely amazing book for the busy preschool and kindergarten teacher. Finally, a well-organized book focused on using early writing development research and best practice that I can use in my classroom and share with my students' families.”

Renee Ponce Nealon, Kindergarten Teacher
McDowell Elementary School, Petaluma, CA

"In Learning to Write and Loving It! Miriam Trehearne does it all. She gives teachers the research and philosophical ground on which to stand, and shares scores of practical, classroom-based ideas to engage our youngest learners in developmentally appropriate emergent writing experiences. This is a why-to and a how-to resource not to be missed."

Sharon Taberski, Author and Consultant
Trumbull, CT

"Miriam Trehearne offers a panoramic view of teaching writing to young children. This comprehensive book will serve as a practical and inspirational clearinghouse for new and experienced educators who are determined to support young learners as they begin to draw, label, list, record, retell, invent, instruct, and share the stories of their lives."

Shelley Harwayne, Educational Consultant and Author

Perfect for what I need!

Mrs Deborah Presnell
Health Human Services Dept, McDowell Technical Community College
October 25, 2012

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