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Teaching Macbeth (and More)

Teaching Macbeth (and More)
Better Planning, Better Learning

March 1996 | 192 pages | Corwin
"I have taught English for 27 years. I've trained six student teachers and mentored three new teachers. This book would have been a great help to all these young people. It is a sensible guide to teaching literature and a welcome addition to the English teacher's bookshelf." Betty Wallach, English Teacher, Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, Brooklyn, New York "A sure-footed guide through the educational forest, this is a practical, organized source that will prove indispensable for all high school English teachers." Mel Glenn, Author, English Teacher, Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, New York "A realistic, insightful, and extremely useful work. At a time when many denigrate public education, Flickstein demonstrates effectively that all students can indeed learn." Richard Goldfarb, Supervisor of English Department New York City Secondary Schools Stimulate your students' minds and teach them to love literature. Incorporate literature into your curriculum and watch students' skills improve at all levels. Shows how literature can help your students achieve these goals: * Stimulate clear, logical thinking * Promote understanding and appreciation * Clarify life values * Improve vocabulary * Develop writing, speaking, and listening skills * Improve communication with peers Written by a practitioner with more than 25 years of experience, this book will help you create a perfect fit between your students and the literature you're teaching them. Flickstein presents detailed examples of lessons that will challenge your students and let them achieve substantial success. Designed for both novice and experienced teachers, this book includes four sets of lessons you can use right away or keep as guides for designing lesson plans in the future. If you've despaired of making literature a successful part of your curriculum, here's the help you're looking for.

Planning Lessons on Literature
Keeping the Students Clearly in Mind
Studying Literature
Why Bother?

Learning Lessons about Lessons
What Makes a Good Plan?

Studying Vocabulary in Context
Preparing the Lessons
Loving Literature: The Plan in Action

A. Lesson Plans for Markandaya's Nectar in a Sieve
B. Lesson Plans for Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter
C. Lesson Plans for Shakespeare's Macbeth

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