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U-Turn Teaching

U-Turn Teaching
Strategies to Accelerate Learning and Transform Middle School Achievement

September 2012 | 200 pages | Corwin

Help middle schoolers engage in the classroom before it's too late!

The middle school years mark a critical point in a child's educational journey. For many educators, these years are the last chance to put in place strong, positive learning patterns.

U-Turn Teaching is founded on Rich Allen's "Green Light" education strategies, in which every activity is designed to proactively support learning. This book builds on what researchers have discovered about how the adolescent brain learns best, and shows how those discoveries directly relate to effective classroom teaching. Now you can engage all students, even unmotivated ones, and help them make a U-turn by applying these four principles of brain-based learning:

  • Build and maintain trust
  • Create a collaborative community
  • Take a TEAMing approach
  • Prime the positive environment

U-Turn Teaching demonstrates how to realistically accomplish these four principles in your classroom. When educators are able to embed positive, efficient, and effective patterns of learning in the middle years, students are far more likely to succeed in high school and beyond!

Foreword: The Story of Jenn
About the Authors
1. Why Many Middle School Students Need to Make a U-Turn
2. Creating and Maintaining Trust
3. Create a Collaborative Community
4. Take a TEAMing Approach
5. Prime the Positive Environment
6. U-Turn Teaching in Action

“Teaching middle school students can be and should be challenging and invigorating! This book describes some new strategies that teachers and students alike will enjoy!”

Ellen E. Coulson, Teacher
Sig Rogich Middle School, Las Vegas, NV

“This book is a great stepping stone for all teachers looking for new ways to connect to today’s middle school students.”

Gayla LeMay, Teacher
Louise Radloff Middle School, Duluth, GA

"Teachers buy books hoping to improve instructional strategies in their classroom. The books are read and evaluated with many clever and interesting ideas, but no answers for why the ideas work, or how to adapt them in their classroom. U-Turn Teaching is different. It provides clear and concise strategies and insight as to why they work. I watched Jenn as she studied brain based learning. Her classroom became a hive of renewed enthusiasm as she embraced the knowledge she presents in this book. This book will challenge you and renew your passion for teaching. It will be your U-turn experience!"

Darlene Waldorf, Elementary Teacher
Commodore Perry School District, Mercer, PA

"If you truly believe the number one factor affecting student achievement is the teacher, then you must also recognize the critical importance of continuing to enhance professional practice. U-Turn Teaching will become the guidebook for educators looking to boost student engagement through intrinsically motivating strategies. The utilization of U-Turn strategies will further unlock the potential in every student. The development of a true classroom community will increase student achievement and subsequently decrease disruptive behavior. Teachers must develop an in-depth understanding of how to bring their classrooms into the 21st century—this resource will transform middle school achievement!"

Shawn Algoe, Elementary Principal
Keystone Elementary School, Knox, PA

"Taken straight from the daily life of the students, I felt instantly immersed into the classroom. Chocked full of vignettes, the authors help the reader visualize the interactive environment, which leads to easy implementation. This book taught me techniques I did not learn in college, and thus, once applied, allowed me to start my teaching endeavor in the right direction. This is a great how-to book I will continue to come back to time and time again."

Jenna Malnar, Elementary Teacher
Hadley, PA

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