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Communication of Innovations

Communication of Innovations
A Journey With Ev Rogers

First Edition
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July 2006 | 248 pages | SAGE India
This collection of 10 original essays honors the intellectual legacy of Prof Everett M Rogers (1931-2004), a pioneering and distinguished teacher— scholar of diffusion of innovations, communication networks, and social change. Well-known colleagues and contemporaries write on topics that not only piqued Rogers’ curiosity, but to which he made seminal and lasting contributions. The concluding chapter documents Rogers’ life journey from his modest farm boy beginnings in Iowa, through his distinguished academic career, to his final return to the farm.

Peter Clarke
James W Dearing and Arvind Singhal
Communication of Innovations: A Journey with Ev Rogers
James W Dearing and Gary Meyer
Revisiting Diffusion Theory
Thomas W Valente
Communication Network Analysis and the Diffusion of Innovations
Dorothy A Leonard
Innovation as a Knowledge Generation and Transfer Process
Albert Bandura
On Integrating Social Cognitive and Social Diffusion Theories
Philip Kotler
Social Marketing and the Broadening of Marketing Movement
Srinivas Melkote
Communication and Social Change in Developing Countries
Ronny Adhikarya
Implementing Strategic Extension Campaigns: Applying Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Ev Rogers
Arvind Singhal, Kimani Njogu, Martine Bouman and Eliana Elias
Entertainment-Education and Health Promotion: A Cross-Continental Journey
Corinne L Shefner-Rogers
Everett Rogers Personal Journey: Iowa to Iowa

"This exceptional collection of ten essays explores the career and contributions of Everett Rogers, on of the leading scholars in the communication discipline. The editors and authors achieve an excellent balance between personal remembrances and conceptually sophisticated expositions pertinent to the scholarly domains of Everett Rogers. These authors have contributed essays that are not only touching but valuable in extending Ev's influence into the future, including useful guidance for the effective promotion of physical activity programs."

Charles Atkin
Michigan State University

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ISBN: 9780761934776

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