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Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse

Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse

February 2014 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse is the first text to examine the history, theory, treatment, and prevention of this complex phenomenon. With in-depth insights into the psychologies of victims, their families, and the perpetrators, this comprehensive text shows readers how to recognize the symptoms and impact of childhood sexual abuse, critically engage with the unique nature of each case, complete a thorough assessment, develop a treatment plan, and effectively intervene in critical situations. A national expert on child abuse and neglect and the author of numerous books and publications, Cynthia Crosson-Tower addresses a wide range of special topics and helps readers prepare for working in this challenging professional field.

Overview of Child Sexual Abuse
Chapter 1: Yesterday and Today: The History of Sexual Exploitation and Intervention as a Backdrop for Today's Understanding
Chapter 2: The Dynamics of Child Sexual Abuse
Chapter 3: Theories, Models, and Context of Child Sexual Abuse
Victims, Perpetrators, and Nonoffending Parents
Chapter 4: Child Victims of Sexual Abuse: Development and Symptomology
Chapter 5: Sexual Offending Against Children
Chapter 6: Intrafamilial Abuse or Incest
Chapter 7: Pornography, Prostitution, and the Internet
Chapter 8: Children and Adolescents Who Sexually Abuse
Chapter 9: Offenders in Roles of Authority: Teachers, Coaches, Day Care Providers, and Therapists
Chapter 10: Sexual Abuse by Clergy: A Unique Offender
Chapter 11: Initial Intervention in Child Sexual Abuse
Chapter 12: Assessment and Treatment Planning for Children and Family Members
Chapter 13: Treatment for Victims and Families
Chapter 14: Assessment and Treatment for Adult Sexual Offenders
Chapter 15: Treatment for Adult Survivors: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
Chapter 16: Working With Child Sexual Abuse
Chapter 17: Working Toward Prevention
About the Author

“The text ‘pulls the dirt from under the rug’ in discussing the detailed ramifications of child sexual abuse, which is still seen as a taboo topic.”

Annalease M. Gibson
Albany State University

“While the incidents of child and adolescent sexual abuse continue to grow in social work practice, no text has been written that has included the most recent research on the context, theories, and interventions methods with this population. Crosson-Tower has provided the clinician with how to recognize the impact and symptoms of childhood sexual abuse, engage with the victim and family members, complete a comprehensive assessment, develop a thorough treatment plan, and intervene effectively with the victim and the family while overcoming common barriers to treatment. Additionally, the author provides cutting-edge information on little-discussed topics such as female sexual offenders, the role of pornography in child abuse, children and adolescents who sexually abuse, authority figures who sexually abuse children, and treatment for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  This is sure to become the definitive ‘classic’ text in courses preparing students for competent practice with sexually abused children and adolescents.”

Barbara J. Nowak
Albany State University

“This book provides a strong basis for the student or practitioner interested in acquiring or strengthening assessment skills in the area of Child Sexual Abuse.”

Beth Walker
Western New Mexico University

“Well-written undergraduate upper division book, could also be used for graduate social work and psychology training in sexual abuse. Interesting and thorough.”

Katya V. Shkurkin
Saint Martin’s University

“A current and thorough offering on one of today’s devastating problems.”

Kimberly L. Wacaster
Idaho State University

“Speaking out against child sexual abuse is beneficial because we are their voice when they have nothing to say.”

Kniesha Primes
Clark Atlanta University

“As a society, we need to find new and enhanced ways to address this major social problem of   children and adolescents sexual abuse. This text opens with a history of sexual abuse, offers models for treatment and assessment and provides excellent insights into many of the major sexual abuse dynamics of our times.  Finally we have a textbook that is very relevant for our times and one that offers us a way to help the challenges of some very young people.”

Nancy DeCesare
Chestnut Hill College

"In Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse, Crosson-Tower divides her comprehensive review of child sexual abuse into three major parts that offer an overview of child sexual abuse; a description of victims, perpetrators, and non-offending parents; and treatment and other interventions."

Russ Immarigeon
CRI Publications/ The ICCA Journal

This book provides a good overview of the impacts of child sexual abuse on family systems - victims, offenders, non-offending caregivers, and non-abused siblings - and interventions available to address this issue on an individual and family/group level. For a graduate mini-course, I felt this book touched upon most, if not all, of the salient issues surrounding SA, disclosure, response, intervention, and prevention across client groups.

Ms Patricia L Sattler
Social Welfare, University Of Kansas
February 16, 2020

A great book with a really good insight

Miss nicola lord
department of health, preston collage
October 20, 2015
Key features
  • Provides current and future practitioners the tools to critically engage with the unique nature of each case, individual victims and their families, and the perpetrators
  • Addresses a wide range of topics that includes female sexual offenders, pornography and the internet, children who abuse others, abuse by authority figures (teachers, coaches, and clergy), and more
  • Includes case vignettes that help readers consider how to best apply their learning to the professional setting
  • Contains the most recent research on theories and intervention methods
  • Incorporates perspectives on global and cultural issues
  • Focuses on the best practices and evidence-based treatment
  • Reinforces comprehension of the material with the inclusion of review questions

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 4

Chapter 12

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