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Doing Surveys Online

Doing Surveys Online

November 2015 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Vera Toepoel’s practical, how-to guide to doing surveys online takes you through the entire process of using surveys, from systematically recruiting respondents, to designing the internet survey, to processing the survey data and writing it up.

This book helps students and researchers in identifying possible strategies to make the best use of online surveys, providing pro’s and con’s, and do’s and don’ts for each strategy. It also explores the latest opportunities and developments that have arisen in the field of online surveys, including using social networks, and provides expert guidance and examples of best practice throughout.

Suitable for those starting a research project or conducting a survey in a professional capacity, this book is the ideal go-to reference for anyone using internet surveys, be it a beginner or a more experienced survey researcher.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Online Surveys
Chapter 2: Developing the Survey: Questions and Answers
Chapter 3: Ethical Considerations
Chapter 4: Sampling
Chapter 5: Using a Panel in Your Research
Chapter 6: Comparative Survey Research
Chapter 7: Incentives for Respondents
Chapter 8: Selecting Survey Software
Chapter 9: Programming the Survey
Chapter 10: Fieldwork
Chapter 11: Processing and Cleaning the Data
Chapter 12: Weighting Survey Data
Chapter 13: Reporting Survey Results
Chapter 14: Making Data Available to Others
Chapter 15: The Future of Web Surveys

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Ms Fionnuala Darby
Dept of Business, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
January 29, 2016

This is a really straightforward but still rigorous book on the perils and the joys of doing surveys on-line. This method is increasingly being used by our doctoral candidates and to have a reference book that details the specific issues is excellant. Well produced and highly readable.

Dr Annette Fillery-travis
Institute for Work Based Learning, Middlesex University
January 15, 2016

This is a key tool for the masters level Advanced Practitioner Inquiry module which leads to the work based project phase.An excellent text, fit for a variety of research projects.

Dr Mehmet Ali Dikerdem
Institute for Work Based Learning, Middlesex University
March 23, 2016

Too detailed/specialised for this module

Mrs Julie donald
WBDL, Universityof Lincoln
November 18, 2015

very useful collection of advice, well-referenced, it is rare to find a text on this subject

Miss Lynda Juliet Fitzwater
School of Fashion, University for the Creative Arts
March 8, 2016

Gives a comprehensive and accessible overview of the online survey process, while pointing to a great selection of sources for further reading.

Dr Heiko Breitsohl
Business Administration , University of Wuppertal
October 29, 2015

A comprehensive text on designing surveys and interpreting their findings. Clear with good use of illustrations.

Dr Maria Fitzgerald
London School of Osteopathy, London School of Osteopathy
December 17, 2015

Will recommend to students carrying out large surveys on line. Very detailed step by step requirements from setting up to analysing and presenting data.

Dr Ruth Stevenson
Graduate School of the Environment , Centre for Alternative Technology
December 3, 2015

With the growing tendency to carry out surveys online amongst U/G & P/G students this book allows student researchers to consider the pros and cons of such an approach.

Mr adam choonara
Natural Sciences, Middlesex University
September 1, 2015

good and useful introduction and instruction manual, very good resource for students who first encounter/prepare online surveys

Professor Xenia Zeiler
Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki
October 4, 2015

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