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Editor Resources

As the Editor of a SAGE Publishing journal, you play a key role in the advancement of knowledge and understanding in your field. SAGE, as the world’s leading independent academic publisher, is a values driven organisation, focused on the selection, shaping, curation and dissemination of high quality research outputs; your work as Editor is central to what we do. 

The following resources aim to support you and your Editorial Board by providing information and advice on all publishing matters, with particular focus on issues that could affect the quality and ethical standing of the journal. 

Peer review best practices and publishing policies 

We understand that different disciplines and fields of research may have different approaches to broad publishing issues but we wanted to provide some information here on SAGE’s general publishing and ethical policies and what we consider to be best practice in publishing. 

SAGE’s guide on peer review best practice and publishing policies.This document contains information on: 

  • SAGE’s commitment to ensure the quality, transparency and integrity of the academic record, 
  • Guidance on working with your authors and reviewers, 
  • Advice on managing the peer review process, 
  • Information on SAGE’s editorial and publishing policies, 
  • Guidance on how to deal with ethical issues that might arise during the publication process. 

Peer Review Best Practices


Reviewer Selection Handbook

Link to this can be found HERE.

Ethics Approval and Informed Consent Statements 

The inclusion of ethics approval and informed consent/animal welfare statements is a fundamental requirement for research articles, and a key responsibility for each handling Editor to uphold. SAGE has created the PDFs below for journals that publish human and/or animal studies, in order to assist Editors in ensuring that these statements are present and correct, and to ensure consistency of statements between and within journals.

The PDFs contain the following:
• Editor Guidelines: this is a policy document with two appendices (common issues plus examples of statements, and template text for requesting more information from authors).
• Flowcharts: this document contains visual guides for different study and article types to assist Editors in determining whether adequate statements have been included or if additional information should be requested from authors.

Please get in touch with your Publishing Editor if you have any questions or feedback on these resources.