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Handbook of Organizational Communication

Handbook of Organizational Communication
An Interdisciplinary Perspective

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September 1987 | 784 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Recipient of the 1988 Outstanding Research Publication Award from the Organizational Communication Division of the Speech Communication Association Organizations cannot function without one vital component--communication. With the rapid expansion of corporations and technology, the quickly evolving field of organizational communication has undergone enormous, unprecedented growth . . . and change. Handbook of Organizational Communication is the first volume to pull together many loose threads in various strands of thinking and research about organizational communication. Its renowned contributors are leading scholarly pioneers in the field--drawn equally from organizational behavior and management studies and from communication. From this multidisciplinary perspective, they analyze research, theory, and applications--considering wherever possible communication phenomena at the appropriate multiple levels of analysis (dyadic, group, organizational, and extra-organizational). Authors also provide valuable, original insights into directions for future research and theory in their respective areas. Handbook of Organizational Communication is a milestone in the creation and shaping of this new area of academic scholarship with practical applications. It will both establish and point the way toward new theories and empirical work that will advance a young and exciting field. This volume will be an essential tool for all professionals and students in organizational communication, management, organizational behavior, and organization studies. "The editors have done a superb job of conceptualizing the work. In addition, their section previews are quite extensive and serve to integrate beautifully the material that follows. This book may well become a classic graduate text much in the genre of the Redding and Sanborn book of twenty-five years ago. It is comprehensive, well organized, well researched, and quite well written. The authors and editors are to be congratulated on their fine product." --Administrative Science Quarterly "An invaluable resource. . . . Authors do a fine job of surveying even the most recent research in their areas; some offer exciting suggestions for further research." --Quarterly Journal of Speech "Finally, someone has pulled together the fragmented pieces of organizational communication research. This book integrates and synthesizes these sundry organizational communication perspectives. Without a doubt, the Handbook is the preeminent reference book for organizational communication. "Unquestionably, this book should be on the shelf of everyone interested in organizational communication. Whether one is just beginning the study of organizational communication or one is an established scholar, The Handbook of Organizational Communication is a necessary resource." --Management Communication Quarterly "An extremely thorough, carefully selected set of papers which as a whole form a first-rate indication of the state of the art. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seriously interested in organizational communication, be they a social scientist, a practicing manager, an information manager, or just an interested member of an organization. It is a unique and outstanding work and should have a place on the bookshelves of many offices in a wide array of different organizations. Researchers in the area will find this work extremely pertinent to their activities." --Journal of Applied Systems Analysis

Editors' Overview
Kathleen J Krone, Fredric M Jablin and Linda L Putnam
Communication Theory and Organizational Communication
Multiple Perspectives

Nancy Euske and Karlene H Roberts
Evolving Perspectives in Organization Theory
Communication Implications

Phillip K Tompkins
Translating Organizational Theory
Symbolism Over Substance

Karl E Weick
Theorizing About Organizational Communication
Editors' Overview
George P Huber and Richard L Daft
Information Environments
George Cheney and Steven L Vibbert
Corporate Discourse
Public Relations and Issue Management

Raymond L Falcione, Lyle Sussman and Richard Herden
Communication Climate in Organizations
Linda Smircich and Marta B Calás
Organizational Culture
A Critical Assessment

Harry C Triandis and Rosita D Albert
Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Editors' Overview
Peter M Monge and Eric M Eisenberg
Emergent Communication Networks
Fred Dansereau and Steven E Markham
Superior-Subordinate Communication
Multiple Levels of Analysis

Fredric M Jablin
Formal Organization Structure
Mary J Culnan and M Lynne Markus
Information Technologies
Editors' Overview
Cynthia Stohl and W Charles Redding
Message and Message Exchange Processes
Peter J Frost
Power, Politics and Influence
Linda L Putnam and Marshall Scott Poole
Conflict and Negotiation
Charles O'Reilly, Jennifer Chatman and John C Anderson
Message Flow and Decision-Making
Louis P Cusella
Feedback, Motivation and Performance
Fredric M Jablin
Organizational Entry, Assimilation, and Exit

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ISBN: 9780803923874