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Handbook of Public Affairs

Handbook of Public Affairs

First Edition
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July 2005 | 616 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"When the next generation of public affairs practitioners look back to the beginning of the twenty first century they will recognise the 'Handbook of Public Affairs' as the cornerstone text on which global practice came to be based"
- Tom Spencer, Executive Director, European Centre for Public Affairs

"Excelling in the practice of corporate public affairs in the 21st Century will necessitate bringing together two competencies: possessing a solid professional foundation base don time-tested principles, and having the ability to reach beyond the basics by adapting the best current thinking, practices, and models available. Professionals can enhance both competencies by reading the Handbook of Public Affairs"
- Brian Hawkinson, Director Center for Public Affairs Management/Public Affairs Council Washington

"Understanding the imperatives of stakeholders and special interest groups in the public domain is of increasing importance to leaders in both business and politics. However, knowing how to influence these imperatives, and design communications to proactively affect change, is a well sought-after commodity. Public affairs professionals not only understand these dynamics, but constantly strive to ensure continuous improvement in the counsel they provide and in the results they deliver. As more and more people in business, government, NGO and not-for-profit sectors are seeking out the services of public affairs practitioners, this Handbook will help readers gain a better appreciation for strategies and tactics that comprise successful public affairs campaigns'"
- Chris Benedetti, President, Public Affairs Association of Canada

"The Handbook is a landmark development in the field of Public Affairs, bringing together in a single volume contributions from key academics and practitioners in the field. It offers a comprehensive overview of the field for the first time and is an essential reference book to underpin practice, teaching and research in the discipline'"
- Professor Andrew Lock, Leeds University Business School

'The Handbook of Public Affairs is a comprehensive guide to best knowledge and practices in the field. Everyone – from business school deans to chief executive officers to seasoned public affairs executives – can find information in the Handbook of Public Affairs to help them achieve their reputation- and public policy-related goals'"
- Douglas G. Pinkham, President, Public Affairs Council

"For years, there has been a glaring lack of substantive academic literature to underpin the development of the public affairs profession. Throughout his distinguished career, Craig Fleisher has made a vast contribution to filling that void. In the Handbook of Public Affairs, Craig and his co-editor Phil Harris, have brought together the best minds in the field from around the globe to create a text that will surely support the development of new programs and new careers for the public affairs practitioners of tomorrow'"
Randall Pearce, General Manager Ipsos Mackay Public Affairs, Sydney

"The Handbook of Public Affairs will be a valuable resource for the growing number of public affairs practitioners who seek to balance an appreciation of the global evolution of their profession with the 'hands-on' reality of applying core concepts and theories to their organisation's management practices"
- Alexis Lindsay, Director, The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs (Australia)

Public Affairs and particularly government relations//lobbying, have evolved in recent years from a tactic adopted by organizations to amend occasional legislation to become a managerial strategy to achieve competitive advantage. At the fore-front of research and practice in Public Affairs, this Handbook draws upon the expertise of leading figures in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of a huge growth area in organisations' strategic thinking. Articles evoke pan-national experience and are organised into four sections to help readers navigate issues and draw comparisons.
Sections cover:
- investigation into the development and meaning of Public Affairs
- the management and practice of Public Affairs within organisations
- global case studies
- an overview of scholarly developments.

Douglas G Pinkham and Lord Tom McNally
Phil Harris and Craig S Fleisher
The Development of a Sub-Discipline and Major Area of Research

Craig S Fleisher
The Global Development of Public Affairs
John M Holcomb
Public Affairs in North America
US Origins and Development

Robin Pedler
The History and Development of Public Affairs in the European Union and United Kingdom
William D Oberman
The External Environment of Public Affairs in North America
Public Policy Process and Institutions

Thomas Spencer
The External Environment of Public Affairs in the European Union and United Kingdom
Public Policy Process and Institutions

Brian Hawkinson
The Internal Environment of Public Affairs
Organization, Process and Systems

Phil Harris
The Management of Public Affairs in the United Kingdom
Amy Showalter and Craig S Fleisher
The Tools and Techniques of Public Affairs
Patrick Shaw
The Human Resource Dimensions of Public Affairs
Staffing, Training, Career Paths, Competencies and Salaries

Craig S Fleisher
Measurement and Evaluation of Public Affairs Process and Performance
Edward A Grefe and Scott A Castleman
Information Systems and Technology in Public Affairs
Martin B Meznar
The Organization and Structuring of Public Affairs
Rinus Van Schendelen
Managing Government Relations in the European Union
Simon Titley
The Rise of NGOs in the EU
Phil Harris and Irene Harris
Lobbying in the United Kingdom
Leighton Andrews
A UK Case
Lobbying for a New BBC Charter

Connor Magrath
Lobbying by US Beer Wholesalers
Clive S Thomas
Lobbying in the United States
An Overview for Students, Scholars and Practitioners

Burdett Loomis
Lobbying in the United States
An Industry Matures

James Shaw and Patrick Shaw
Stakeholder Relationships in Canada
In Partnership with the Community

Geoff Allen
An Integrated Model
The Evolution of Public Affairs Down Under

Andreas Lederer, Niombo Lomba and Christian Scheucher
Emerging Markets
Public Affairs in Germany and Austria

Bruce I Newman
Political Marketing and Public Affairs
Duane Windsor
`Theories' and Theoretical Roots of Public Affairs
Gerry Keim
Managing Business Political Advocacy in the United States
Opportunities for Improved Effectiveness

John M Holcomb
Public Affairs and the Governance Challenge
Policy Actors and Corporate Reforms 2001-04

Jennifer J Griffin
The Empirical Study of Public Affairs
A Review and Synthesis

Pursey P M A R Heugens
Issue Management
Core Understandings and Scholarly Development

Archie B Carroll
Stakeholder Management
Background and Advances

Craig S Fleisher
Educating Present and Future Public Affairs Practitioners
Model Programs

John M Holcomb
Public Affairs, Corporate Scandals and Regulation
Policy Actors and Actions


"Harris and Fleisher amassed an impressive array of authors from academia, business, nonprofit institutions, and government to compare practices in the nascent field of public affairs in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. . . . Chapters are organized around the global environment of public affairs and lobbying as uniquely practiced by broadcasters, manufacturers, community and environmental advocates, and political marketers in different countries. . . .Highly Recommended."


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