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Journalism Next

Journalism Next
A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing

Fourth Edition

August 2019 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The fourth edition of Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Writing is updated with the latest technological innovations and media industry transformations, ensuring that Mark Briggs’ proven guide for leveraging digital technology to do better journalism keeps pace with ongoing changes in the media landscape. To keep ahead and abreast of these ever-evolving tools and techniques, Briggs offers practical and timely guidance for both the seasoned professional looking to get up to speed and the digital native looking to root their tech know-how in real journalistic principles

Learn how to effectively blog, crowdsource, use mobile applications, mine databases, and expertly capture audio and video to report with immediacy, cultivate community, and tell compelling stories. Journalism Next will improve digital literacy—fast. Briggs starts with the basics and then explores specialized skills in multimedia so you can better manage online communities and build an online audience.

Journalism Next is a quick read and roadmap you’ll reference time and time again. Dive into any chapter and start mastering a new skill right away. And for today’s journalist, who can afford to waste any time?

Introduction: Journalism Is About People, Not Technology
Chapter 1 Digital Lives, Digital Journalism
Digital Information

What Is It? How the Internet works

What Is It? Syndicated content with RSS

What’s Next? Set up an RSS reader and subscribe to feeds

What Is It? FTP (file transfer protocol)

What’s Next? Set up an FTP Program

Web Design Basics

What Is It? How Web pages work

What’s Next? Build an HTML page quickly

What Is It? CSS (cascading style sheets)

What’s Next? Add CSS to HTML

What Is It? XML (extensible markup language)

What Is It? Content-management systems

What’s Next? Launch a WordPress site

What Is It? Mobile apps versus mobile Web

What’s Next? Make a WordPress site for mobile

Summary: Start to see digital opportunities

Chapter 2 The Power of Publishing: How Blogging Changed Publishing and Journalism Forever
What Is It? Why blogs are important

What Is It? Then came Twitter

What Is It? The digital firehose

What’s Next? Make a plan, create a blog

What’s Next? Make a plan, start publishing

What’s Next? Become a Pro on Twitter

Summary: Passion and purpose

Chapter 3 Crowd-Powered Collaboration
What Is It? Crowdsourcing

What Is It? Open-source reporting

What Is It? Engaged journalism

What Is It? Managing news as a conversation

What’s Next? Build and manage a community online

What’s Next? Keep conversations accurate and ethical

Summary: Collaborative publishing, social media are here to stay

Chapter 4 Going Mobile
What Is It? Mobile journalism

What’s Next? Making mobile journalism

Summary: Mobile future

Chapter 5 Telling Stories With Video
What Is It? The digital video revolution

What’s Next? Plan your video and go

What’s Next? Voice in video

What’s Next? Gear up and get out there

What’s Next? Shooting good video

What’s Next? Editing and post-production

What’s Next? Publishing video online

Summary: Start small, but make sure you start

Chapter 6 Visual Storytelling With Photographs
What Is It? Digital photography

What’s Next? Shooting better photos with a digital camera

What’s Next? Working with digital photographs

What’s Next? Publish your photos online

Summary: Photography is a critical tool for journalists

Chapter 7 Making Audio Journalism Visible
What Is It? Audio journalism

What’s Next? Get started with audio

What’s Next? Gear up and get out there

What’s Next? Editing digital audio

What’s Next? Start podcasting

Summary: Audio Journalism—Part of the next big thing

Chapter 8 Data-Driven Journalism and Digitizing Your Life
What Is It? Your digital life

What Is It? Data-driven journalism

What’s Next? Building spreadsheets, databases

What Is It? Map mashups

What’s Next? Build an interactive map with data

Summary: Better life, better journalism

Chapter 9 Building a Digital Audience for News
What Is It? Measuring journalism

What’s Next? Track all that you publish

What’s Next? Track your audience

What Is It? Search engine optimization (SEO)

What’s Next? Use SEO to grow your audience

What’s Next? Audience engagement drives distribution

What’s Next? Connect and engage in social media

Summary: Track, measure, distribute, adapt

Appendix: Suggested Web Resources
About the Author

“…It covers all the areas needed for a modern multimedia journalist. Covers more than just tools. A great overall introduction to multimedia journalism.”

Brian K. Johnson
University of Illinois

"This is the best how-to guide I’ve come across that provides comprehensive information on digital media. It provides a general overview, which I like. I believe it is distinct from other books that cover digital media. Journalism Next provides a general overview of and guide to using digital media in a journalism context."

Rachael Hanel
Minnesota State University, Mankato

"Because it is written and produced both for students as a textbook and for working journalists as a reference, it takes on more of that reference appeal. It makes it easier to pick and choose different areas you want to read without feeling as if you have missed information that you need to understand. I would call it a reference book for the working journalist and those who want to be working journalists."

Suzy Smith
Ball State University

"The text is practical and comprehensive in a way that many others are not. For example, I can tell a student to read chapter 6 and then expect them to have a reasonably good chance at producing usable audio immediately. It has the feel of a field manual. Good field guide to multimedia journalism. Gets you going fast, even if you only know a little about audio, video, photo, etc."

Andrew R. Cline
Missouri State University

"Of the digital news textbooks I’ve seen, I always come back to Mark’s because he smartly covers the vital skills that journalists need in an easy-to-read manner. A handy resource for journalism students looking to learn digital skills for the first time or bolster their chops in order to land internships or first jobs."

Jon Glass
Syracuse University

"It’s the most comprehensive, one-stop guide to today’s digital media landscape, written by one of the industry’s most respected and leading-edge online journalists."

Jake Batsell
Southern Methodist University

Focuses on practicality and updates are well done.

Steve Hill
Communication Division, Univ Of Wisconsin-Stevens Pt
June 6, 2024
Key features


  • Blogging and microblogging have been merged into one chapter for readers to conveniently reference blogging information.
  • Crowdsourcing and managing news as a conversation are discussed in the same chapter to help readers effectively build and manage online communities. 
  • New tools and software featured throughout, including Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, and more, show readers how to leverage digital technology in an ever-changing media landscape.
  • Six new Newsroom Innovators installments contributed by digital pioneers from leading news outlets including The New York Times, NPR, CNN, and CNBC go behind the scenes to share valuable tips and suggestions.  


  • Newsroom Innovators: Go behind the scenes with top professionals who share valuable tips and suggestions.
  • Drilling Down: Breakout boxes help readers move beyond the basics to more technical and advanced concepts.
  • Get Going Checklists: Learn by doing. Step-by-step instructions allow readers to jump right in.
  • Visual graphics of supplemental how-to instructions illustrate ways that news sites are effectively using technology.

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