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Leadership and Management in Healthcare

Leadership and Management in Healthcare

Third Edition
  • Neil Gopee - Coventry University, UK
  • Jo Galloway - Executive Nurse, Quality and Patient Safety, NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove & Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group
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April 2017 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Third Edition of this best-selling text supports readers on their journey from emerging registered healthcare professional to competent care manager. Action points, case studies, and strong practice guidelines enable readers to understand how leadership and management theory applies to the care delivered in a wide range of care settings.

Leadership and Management in Healthcare is essential for nursing, health, and social care students taking modules on leadership, management, and transition to practice in their final year, as well as for newly qualified professionals or those seeking to refresh their skills.

Chapter 1: Leading and Managing in Contemporary Health and Social Care
Chapter 2: Managing Effectively -Theories, Roles, Styles and Features
Chapter 3: Leadership and the Duty Care Manager
Chapter 4: Decision-making and Problem-solving in Care Settings
Chapter 5: Ensuring High Quality Care
Chapter 6: Leading and Managing Change in Practice Settings
Chapter 7: Managing Care Resources
Chapter 8: Managing Human Relations and Staff Support Strategies
Chapter 9: Leading Person-centred Practice
Chapter 10: Multi-professional Teamworking
Chapter 11: Managing Health Professionals' Competence and Career-Long Learning


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The companion website features:

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·         Additional case studies

·         Journal Articles

·         Weblinks

·         Flashcards


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·         Seminar questions

I am adding this to a module called developing the autonomous practitioner. This is a good companion to the Barr & Dowding Leadership publication promoting access to evidence and information relevant to year three nursing students.

Mrs Gill Pope
School of Nursing and Caring Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
January 23, 2018
Key features
  • More case studies and examples from a wide range of care settings and countries.
  • New key topics such as dimensions of leadership, NHS Change Model, transition to registered practitioner and revalidation requirements, emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • A companion website with access to further case studies, journal articles and web links.