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Myths and Legends of Mastery in the Mathematics Curriculum

Myths and Legends of Mastery in the Mathematics Curriculum

May 2020 | 144 pages | Learning Matters

This book supports trainee and beginning teachers to understand what 'mastery' is and how to effectively integrate it into class teaching. It explores how 'mastery' is viewed and supported in other countries and encourages a critical examination of this topical theme. The text includes practical advice and examples of learning activities for teaching in both secondary and primary settings. It also outlines how to support children who might be weaker in their mathematical abilities and still ensure that all children master mathematics. The text also supports those who are developing whole school mastery approaches and looks at how we can assess 'mastery' as well as how we can be confident that it is supporting good progress. The text considers the range of evidence around the 'maths mastery' approach and supports schools and teachers to develop better understanding of mastery, what it really means and how they can deploy it in the classroom.

Chapter 1: Defining Mastery- Anne Mulligan & Diane Cochrane
Chapter 2: Developmental side of mastery – conceptual understanding - Louise H Staples
Chapter 3: Coordination of mathematics in a mastery environment - Rosalyn Hyde & Pinky Jain
Chapter 4: Learning to master mathematics in the Early Years - Thomas Weaver
Chapter 5: Subject knowledge - Rosalyn Hyde, Louise Hoskyns-Staples & Mary O'Connor
Chapter 6: Learning from other worlds - Pinky Jain
Chapter 7: Moving towards classrooms that foster deep conceptual understanding and reasoning - Sally Bamber & Rosa Archer
Chapter 8: Developing and Sustaining Mastery in Early Career Teachers - Helen Farmery and Anne Mulligan

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