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New & Takeover Journals

View the SAGE 2022 New & Takeover Title List

In order to increase usage and interest in these new, unique titles please see the SAGE policy below:

For Individual Libraries
These journals will be freely available to libraries via an IP-registered trial for the first year of publication (Volume 1). This will allow you to add the journals to your knowledgebase and make them available to users at your library via searches and your library catalog. This offer includes perpetual access to Volume 1.

For Consortia Libraries
Consortia libraries participating in SAGE Premier will receive access to all new journals (Volumes 1-3) free of charge and do not need to register for this offer.

This offer includes perpetual access to the content published in Volumes 1-3, as well as electronic access that will begin when the journal goes live on

Archived Journal Changes

To continue uninterrupted access to these titles, please renew your subscription through your preferred subscription agent or contact your Library Sales Manager to renew directly through SAGE.