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Preparing Children for Success in School and Life

Preparing Children for Success in School and Life
20 Ways to Increase Children's Brain Power

Second Edition (Revised Edition)

Foreword by Debbie Silver

December 2022 | 216 pages | Corwin

Set children on a path to success by understanding and nurturing the power of the brain

Children’s brains develop faster in the early years than at any other time in their lives. If you want to make the most of this pivotal period, there is no time to waste.

With newly updated research, the second edition of this bestseller provides parents and educators with strategies for building a brain-compatible environment where young learners can develop the skills they need to be successful. Inside you’ll find:

  • How to design a brain-friendly environment, including the use of music, color, and lighting
  • The effects of verbal communication, reading aloud, and discussion on children’s development
  • Strategies for developing character and responsible behaviors
  • An action plan to help parents follow through with implementation at home
  • Multiple examples of best practices in action

Based on the latest research on human growth and development and written by a nationally-known education expert, Preparing Children for Success in School and Life helps you satisfy a child’s natural hunger for learning and ensure that every child gets the best possible chance at success.

PART One: Preparing Children for Success in Life
Chapter 1. Develop a Relationship With Your Child
Chapter 2. Hug, Rock, and Love Your Child
Chapter 3. Surround Your Child With a Calming Environment
Chapter 4. Give Your Child a Brain-Healthy Start
Chapter 5. Talk To and With Your Child
Chapter 6. Read To and With Your Child
Chapter 7. Provide Opportunities for Creative Play
Chapter 8. Teach Your Child Rules, Rituals, and Responsibility
Chapter 9. Accentuate the Positive
Chapter 10. Deemphasize the Negative
Chapter 11. Identify Chronic Behavior and Mood Disorders
Chapter 12. Laugh and Have Fun; It’s Good for You and Your Child
Chapter 13: Expect the Best and Visualize Success
PART TWO: Preparing Children for Success in School
Chapter 14. Prepare Your Child from Before Birth to Age Three
Chapter 15. Prepare Your Child for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten (Ages 4 and 5)
Chapter 16. Prepare Your Child for Primary Grades (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Chapter 17. Prepare Your Child for Intermediate Grades (4th, 5th)
Chapter 18. Prepare Your Child for Middle Grades (Grades 6th, 7th, 8th)
Chapter 19. Prepare Your Child for High School Grades (Grades 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
Chapter 20. Partner With Your Child’s Teachers
Key features

· Focuses on how to create a brain-compatible home environment, including coverage of healthy and non-healthy practices during pregnancy; the importance of positive physical contact to healthy brain development; the impact of color, music, lighting, and aromas on the brain; the effects of verbal communication on brain development; research on the impact of reading aloud and discussing stories; the importance of play for developing creativity and imagination; and the impact of physical activity on healthy brain development.

· Offers numerous strategies for developing self-discipline, including spending quality time with your child, being consistent, accentuating the positive, deemphasizing the negative, and identifying chronic behavior disorders.

· Explains how using successful teaching strategies, such as telling your child stories, using music to help your child remember, turning homework time into fun time, and allowing your child time to draw and write will all have a positive impact on your child's growth and capacity to build dendrites.

· Includes an action plan and contract to help parents make a commitment and follow through with strategy implementation

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