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Explore what's "normal" and what's not in SAGE Reference's Encyclopedia of Social Deviance

April 3, 2014

'"Normal' is just a setting on a dryer." -Patsy Clairmont
"Rules are mostly made to be broken. . . ." -Douglas MacArthur

Los Angeles - Society is filled with rules—and with rule-breakers. Social deviance—any behavior that violates those rules and cultural norms—can be as major as a crime or as minor as choosing to wear mismatched socks. Additionally, what society considers deviant at one time can later change to a norm. Exploring the lively field of rule-making and rebellion in a social world is the authoritative new Encyclopedia of Social Deviance from SAGE Reference.

Investigating a range of theoretical, philosophical, methodological, and substantive topics, this accessible, two-volume reference addresses definitional, methodological, and theoretical issues in the field of social deviance. Researchers will peruse more than 300 broad and comprehensive cross-referenced A-to-Z articles written by a stellar array of world-renowned scholars in various disciplines, all organized in a Reader’s Guide within such themes as:

  • Crime, Property, Sex, Violent, White-Collar/Corporate
  • Defining Deviance
  • Deviance in Social Institutions and Subcultures
  • Discrimination
  • Drug Use and Abuse
  • Marriage and Family Deviance
  • Measuring and Studying Deviance
  • Mental and Physical Disabilitiestal and Physical Disabilities
  • Mental and Physical Disabilities
  • Self-Destructive Deviance
  • Sexual Deviance
  • Social and Political Protest
  • Social Control and Deviance
  • Studying Deviant Subcultures
  • Technology and Deviance
  • Theories of Deviance, Macro and Micro
  • Transitional Deviance

While the number of behaviors that can be defined as deviant is nearly endless, the informative and up-to-date Encyclopedia of Social Deviance covers a generous range of fields from the social and behavioral sciences, including sociology, anthropology, criminology, politics, psychology, and religion, making it a key resource for the shelves of all academic, school, and public libraries. A FREE 30-day online trial is available at


Co-Editor Craig J. Forsyth is Professor of Sociology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Co-Editor Heith Copes is an associate professor in the Department of Justice Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Both write prolifically in the areas of deviance and crime.

Encyclopedia of Social Deviance
April 2014                              864 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4522-4033-6         Print Price: $350
eISBN: 978-1-4833-4047-0

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