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Quality and Leadership in the Early Years

Quality and Leadership in the Early Years
Research, Theory and Practice

First Edition

February 2016 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Do you need good leaders to achieve good quality or does good quality create good leadership?

Quality is a term frequently used to describe early years provision without any further explanation of exactly what this 'quality provision' looks like or how it can be achieved.

This book not only unpicks what is meant by the term 'quality' in England, across the UK, and beyond, but it does so in the context of how to lead in order to develop and achieve quality.  In exploring quality and leadership and the ways in which both terms have been conceptualised from a range of different perspectives you will be able to find a meaning that is right for you and your practice. 

With chapters covering:

·         The global interest in quality

·         The broad nature of early childhood leadership

·         Reflective evaluation and practice

This book will be of interest to setting and room leaders across the early years as well as students studying early childhood or in early years teacher training.

Chapter 1: Why an Interest in Quality
Chapter 2: What is Quality? Exploring the Evidence Base
Chapter 3: Tracing the Development of Early Years Leadership
Chapter 4: Early Years Leaders - All Things to All People
Chapter 5: Visions of Quality
Chapter 6: Reflecting on Leading Quality Early Years Services

Great book with many new angles to consider, My colleagues have been borrowing it for their courses as well!

Mrs Nicola Stobbs
Institute of Education, Worcester University
March 23, 2016

A useful book to engage students in thinking about and engaging in debate about quality and leadership within the early years setting but which can also translate to other contexts of childhood.

Ms sue mills
Lifelong Learning Centre, Leeds University
February 25, 2016

An excellent text to support engagement with the complexities of leadership

Mrs Karen Williams
Faculty of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
December 1, 2015