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Researching Interactive Communication Behavior

Researching Interactive Communication Behavior
A Sourcebook of Methods and Measures

First Edition
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January 2016 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

A Comprehensive Guide to Studying and Interpreting Communication Interaction


This practical book provides students and experienced researchers with tools for studying communication behaviors through direct observation. The sourcebook provides sound coverage of both cutting-edge and well-established systems, measurements, and procedures, as well as detailed information on measurement selection, coding, reliability assessment, and analysis. In addition to offering theoretical discussions from leading researchers in the field, each chapter also focuses on how to apply systems and principles in conducting actual original research and uses examples and exemplars to help readers understand and apply the methods.

Part 1: Reviews of Behavioral Measures in Selected Domains of Study: Contexts and Modes of Behavior
Daniel J. Canary
Chapter 1: Observing Interpersonal Conflict
Heather E. Canary
Chapter 2: Observing Family Communication
Judee K. Burgoon, Norah E. Dunbar, and Aaron Elkins
Chapter 3: Analyzing Video and Audio Nonverbal Dynamics. Kinesics, Proxemics, Haptics, and Vocalics
Amanda Denes, Tamara D. Afifi, and Colin Hesse
Chapter 4: Physiological Outcomes of Communication Behavior
Part 2: Specific Observational Research Systems
Laura K. Guerrero
Chapter 5: Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Nonverbal Immediacy
C. Arthur VanLear and Lesley Withers
Chapter 6: The Relational Linking System and Other Systems for Studying Self-Presentation (Self-Disclosure), Acceptance-Rejection, and Confirmation-Disconfirmation
L. Edna Rogers and Jennifer Cummings
Chapter 7: Relational Communication Control
Wendy Samter and Erina MacGeorge
Chapter 8: Comforting Messages Category System
Janet Bavelas, Jennifer Gerwing, Sara Healing, and Christine Tomori
Chapter 9: Microanalysis of Face-to-face Dialogue: An Inductive Approach
David R. Seibold and Harry Weger, Jr.
Chapter 10: The Conversational Argument Coding System
Jihun Hamm, Christian Kohler, Ruben Gur, and Ragini Verma
Chapter 11: Automated Video-based Analysis of Facial Expressions in Schizophrenia
Part 3: General Issues Regarding Methods and Measures of Observational Research
Alan L. Sillars and Nickola C. Overall
Chapter 12: Coding Observed Interaction
Marshall Scott Poole and Dean E. Hewes
Chapter 13: Reliability and Validity in the Measurement of Social Interaction
C. Arthur VanLear
Chapter 14: Modeling and Analyzing Behaviors and the Dynamics of Behavioral Interaction
Tehran J. Davis
Chapter 15: Modeling Behavioral Interaction as a Nonlinear Dynamical System: Cross-recurrence Quantification Analysis

This is an excellent resource for faculty and students researching interactive communication. Many coding schemes are included in this text and the material is easily understood.

Dr Pamela Kalbfleisch
School Of Communication, University Of North Dakota
February 7, 2018

This kind of book is needed. I will use this with students of master's program and part of articles are helpful also for doctoral students.

Professor Pekka Isotalus
Speech Communication & Voice Research, University of Tampere
December 17, 2015
Key features


  • An emphasis on observable aspects of behavior grounds readers in the identifiable features of interpersonal and relational interactions for effective application to research.
  • Practical guidance on applying measurement systems to actual research allows researchers to immediately use the measures and techniques in their own research.
  • Contributions by many of the most well-known and accomplished experts in conducting observational research on social interaction inspire readers to undertake their own original research.
  • Reviews of published research put the measures in a theoretical context and provide readers with exemplars for their own research.
  • Examples of behaviors (verbal and nonverbal) and how they are represented in the measure or category system help users understand the "meaning" of the categories and their application to actual data.

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