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The Definitive Guide to Personal Excellence

Third Edition

August 2024 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

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CHAPTER 1 • An Introduction to Self-Leadership: The Journey Begins
CHAPTER 2 • The Context of Self-Leadership: Mapping the Route
CHAPTER 3 • Behavior-Focused Strategies: Overcoming Rough Roads, Detours, and Roadblocks
CHAPTER 4 • Natural Reward-Focused Strategies: Scenic Views, Sunshine, and the Joys of Traveling
CHAPTER 5 • Constructive Thought-Focused Strategies: Developing a Travel Mind-Set
CHAPTER 6 • Team Self-Leadership: Sharing the Journey
CHAPTER 7 • Self-Leadership, Health, and Well-Being: Maintaining Physical and Emotional Fitness on the Journey
CHAPTER 8 • Individual Differences, Diversity, and Practical Applications: Multiple Paths to Uniqueness
CHAPTER 9 • Reaching the Destination: But the Journey Continues . . .


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Key features


  • Self-Leadership Research features have been updated or replaced to offer the most up-to-date, cutting-edge research, exposing students to timely developments in the field.
  • Real-World Self-Leadership Cases and new Profiles in Self-Leadership are updated to feature new, contemporary personalities that will resonate with today’s diverse students, with more cases featuring women and/or people of color.
  • Self-Leadership in the Movies features have been updated to reflect contemporary people and movies that showcase a greater degree of diversity, offering students relatable, exciting examples to keep them engaged.
  • All in-text examples and supporting citations have been updated.


  • Examines the behavioral, emotional, cognitive, physiological, and team aspects of self-leadership, providing readers with a holistic understanding of self-motivation and self-leadership.
  • Balances theory and practice to equip readers with the skills necessary to navigate challenging circumstances, uncertainty, and ambiguity.
  • Promotes engagement and encourages reflection and creativity through self-assessment and experiential exercises to help readers think and behave as leaders.
  • Features real-world cases and profiles of leaders that illustrate self-leadership concepts and show readers how to apply them in their own lives.

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ISBN: 9781071925201