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Simply Stations: Listening and Speaking, Grades K-4

Simply Stations: Listening and Speaking, Grades K-4

February 2020 | 168 pages | Corwin

Teach students how to practice listening comprehension skills independently – so learning sticks

Simply Stations: Listening and Speaking shows how to ensure that elementary students are purposefully and effectively practicing listening comprehension, accountable talk, phonological awareness, oral language, and vocabulary skills every day. Your students will soon be purposefully engaged and making critical steps to owning their learning.

Debbie Diller has been refining literacy stations (sometimes called centers) for more than 40 years, working with thousands of teachers and students. In this book, she guides you step-by-step through planning for instruction that incorporates literacy standards, setting up and launching listening and speaking stations, varying and refreshing content throughout the year, to reflection and ongoing modification.

What stands out in this book is the full integration of instruction; Debbie shows how whole-group lessons transfer to stations work so students are practicing key skills independently – and gives you everything needed for success:

  • Recommendations by grade level at every step, including grade-appropriate materials and audio resources for each station;
  • Whole-group lesson plans, differentiated by grade level and based on key literacy standards, to introduce and support partner work;
  • On-the-spot formative assessment ideas and troubleshooting tips;
  • Ideas to improve English Language Learner’s language acquisition, including online Spanish-language materials;
  • 30 time-saving downloadable resources for teachers and students to ensure success; and
  • Dozens of full-color, real-classroom photos so you see the possibilities first-hand.

Simply Stations: Listening and Speaking gives you invaluable tips, solutions, and insight that can transform the way your students learn and practice listening and speaking skills. It’s time to boost the impact of your literacy stations!

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Section 1: Literacy Stations Overview
Dear Reader

Literacy station basics and frequently asked questions

Getting started with stations

Management board how-to

Section 2: Listening & Speaking Station Basics
Why include this station?

What do students do at this station?

How do I keep stations varied & fresh?

What are the essential materials?

How do I set up stations?

How do I introduce the listening & speaking station?

What are some signs of success?

Section 3: Planning & Teaching for the Listening & Speaking Station
Start with solid planning

Use timeless standards as a guide

Teach for transfer: From Whole-group to Stations

Section 4: Listening & Speaking Station Reflection, Printables, and Resources



Key features
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up literacy stations
  • Guidance on planning the speaking & listening station from standards to whole group instruction to stations
  • Sample lesson plans for teaching new skills so kids can practice with partners in stations
  • Full-color photographs to show what kids are doing the speaking & listening station
  • Printable teacher and student tools to use in planning, teaching, and station practice
  • Materials lists, reflection guides, and recommended resources for developmentally appropriate audio
  • Everything teachers need to plan, teach, and set up a speaking & listening station – and keep it running throughout the year
  • Teachers will be able to roll out a speaking & listening station quickly and easily, then modify it as needed
  • Practical advice from a teacher who’s been using and improving on stations for almost 40 years

Sample Materials & Chapters

Table of Contents

Literacy Stations Basics

For instructors

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