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Social Work and Human Development

Social Work and Human Development

Sixth Edition

May 2020 | 248 pages | Learning Matters

Social work engages with people across the life course, and social workers are expected to work with groups of people at very different stages of their life. Developing a thorough understanding of human growth to encompass the whole of the life course is therefore a central part of all qualifying social work training and practice. 

A clear favourite among students and lecturers, this bestselling book introduces the main theoretical models in a clear and accessible way before applying them to various stages of the life course. From infants to older adults, the author uses case studies and practice examples to bring social work methods, skills and principles to life.


Chapter 1: Understanding human development through the life course
Chapter 2: An introduction to theoretical models for understanding human life course development
Chapter 3: Using life course development knowledge in social work practice with infants, young children and their families
Chapter 4: Using life course development knowledge in social work practice with older children and their families
Chapter 5: Using life course development knowledge in social work practice with adolescents
Chapter 6: Using life course development knowledge in social work practice with adults
Chapter 7: Using life course development knowledge in social work practice with older adults

This is a good companion text for students studying life course development. Whilst not as comprehensive as Beckett's book, it does however provide better practical insights on social work practice. Chapters are usefully divided over the different life course stages so that learners can focus on what they need rather than having to rely on the index.

Mr Nasrullah Anwar
Public Services, Runshaw College - Chorley
May 6, 2020

-        Co-authorship with Nigel Horner

-        New foreword by Professor David Croisdale-Appleby

-        Updated reference to new regulator Social Work England

-        Chapter 1

o   Reflective Questions added after Comment

o   New Case Study 1.2

o   New Case Study 1.3
- New ‘Findings from the case for Professional Learning’ section

o   updated further reading

-        Chapter 2

o   New Case Study 2.1

o   New ‘Ways of Thinking’ section – Munro review 2011

o   Renamed Research Summaries to Theoretical Models

-        Chapter 3

o   ‘Why understanding of an infant…’ first section completely revised

o   Inclusion of paragraph on Serious Case Reviews

o   Inclusion of Every Child Matters under ‘The Social construction of childhood’

o   New section on Adverse Childhood Experiences

o   Updated statistics

-        Chapter 4

o   New Research Summary (ALB)

o   Updated statistics

o   Updates and additions to gender and identity sections

-        Chapter 5

o   Updated Activity 5.3

o   Updated Activity 5.5

o   New Research Summary on pregnancy

o   Updated statistics and references to latest legislation/policy

-        Chapter 6

o   Case Study 6.1 updated

o   Case Study 6.4 updated

o   More added on LGBTQ+ and aspects of identity

o   Information on NHS 10 Year Plan

-        Chapter 7

o   Updated ONS statistics

o   5 dimensions in relation to wellbeing

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