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Ten Assessment Literacy Goals for School Leaders

Ten Assessment Literacy Goals for School Leaders

First Edition
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May 2021 | 288 pages | Corwin

Assessment literacy leads to improved outcomes for all

Do you know how to ensure teachers have the knowledge and skill to use assessment data to improve student learning? Do you know the influence that student involvement in assessments has on motivation and learning? 

This book guides you and your leadership team through 10 assessment literacy goals with practical content, how-to’s, success indicators, and activities to extend and process learning. You will come away understanding the attributes of comprehensive and balanced assessment systems, the necessity for clear academic achievement targets, and why assessment quality is essential.

n addition to providing rubrics, processes, and practical tools that work across all grade levels and subject areas, this book shows you how to:

  • Work with staff to integrate formative assessment and sound grading practices
  • Communicate with all members of the school community about student learning
  • Protect students and teachers by avoiding unethical and inappropriate assessment use
  • Use student assessment information to improve and inform instruction
  • Develop assessment policies that support quality assessment practice

Advance your understanding of assessment so your teachers can accurately measure learning, practice effective formative assessment strategies, and ensure and maintain a comprehensive and balanced assessment system in your school or district.

Chapter 1: Comprehensive and Balanced Assessment Systems
Chapter 2: Clear Standards
Chapter 3: Standards of Assessment Quality
Chapter 4: Formative Assessment Practices
Chapter 5: Grading Practices
Chapter 6: Communicates Effectively
Chapter 7: Ethical and Appropriate Assessment Use
Chapter 8: Evaluate assessment competencies and appropriate professional development
Chapter 9: Analysis of Student Assessment Information
Chapter 10: School and District Assessment Policies


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