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The Public Sector

The Public Sector
Concepts, Models and Approaches

Third Edition

May 2000 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Third Edition of this successful textbook introduces students to the major concepts, models, and approaches surrounding the public sector. Now fully updated to include coverage of the New Public Management (NPM), The Pubic Sector is the most comprehensive textbook on theories of public policy and public administration. The public sector is introduced within a three-part framework: public resource allocation, redistribution and regulation. Jan-Erik Lane explains the basic concepts of each of these broad areas, and goes on to examine their consequences for various approaches to the making and implementation of public policy. The book explores models of management, effectiveness and efficiency, and evaluates the contribution, among many, of public choice and neo-institutionalist approaches, organizational theory, models of normative policy-making and, expanded in this edition, the theory of fiscal federalism. The new edition retains chapters on public sector reform and continues to contrast the logic of the new management state with that of the old administrative state before introducing the basic ideas of New Public Management. The Public Sector will be essential reading to all students seeking a deeper understanding of the modern state and government across political science and public policy, administration and management. Academics, and students studying government across political science and public policy, administration and management.

Public Institutions and Interests

Demarcation of the Public Sector
Concepts of Bureaucracy
Public Policy Models
Implementation Models
Models of Public Regulation
The Logic of Public Sector Reform
Public Management, Leadership and Privatization
The Management State versus the Administrative State
The Public Choice Approach
The New Institutionalism
Efficiency, Effectiveness and Evaluation
Institutions and Efficiency in the Public Sector
Ethics and Normative Policy Models
New Public Management
The Basic Ideas

What Are the Policy Sciences?


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