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The SAGE Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology

The SAGE Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology
A Nontechnical Guide for the Social Sciences

Fifth Edition

October 2015 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Written in a clear, readable style with a wide range of explanations and examples, this must-have dictionary reflects recent changes in the fields of statistics and methodology. Packed with new definitions, terms, and graphics, this invaluable resource is an ideal reference for researchers and professionals in the field and provides everything students need to read and understand a research report, including elementary terms, concepts, methodology, and design definitions, as well as concepts from qualitative research methods and terms from theory and philosophy.

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"Do you teach evaluation, research methods, or statistics, or need to teach some key concepts to evaluation stakeholders? Are you in grad school and just learning social science research methods? This handy guide is a great resource for instructors and students alike, as it offers both definitions and relevant, understandable examples. Are you a visual learner? The book also features dozens of easy-to-interpret charts, tables, graphs, and figures." 

Sheila B. Robinson
AEA365 Blog

This book is a useful addition to anyone’s library. A strength of the book is the authors’ writing and presentation style; it is engaging and instructive, but not too technical.

Jann W. MacInnes
University of Florida

The text is very inclusive and is a solid resource for students and practitioners alike. The cross-references are extensive and helpful, and the langauge is clear and easy to understand.

Anita G. Welch
North Dakota State University

The strengths of this book are the accessibility and ease of use, and I really like how the entries are cross referenced allowing one to learn related words and additional concepts. This text is not only a great resource for students who are learning experimental research but a must have for researchers and professionals in the field who conduct, study, teach, and utilize quantitative research in social sciences.

Brittany Landrum
University of Dallas

I like the book’s succinct, clear approach to definitions and descriptions. Plenty of textbooks and references have lengthy, abstruse descriptions of research terminology. The SAGE Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology is a rare and welcome exception to this trend.

Keith F. Donohue
North Dakota State University
Key features


  • More than 500 new terms, definitions, and graphics provide readers with new, emerging, and important information.
  • 15 new figures clarify terms and definitions.
  • Numerous additional updates include new terms for the health sciences, more on research designs, structural equation modeling, statistical techniques, and more measurement terms to increase the scope of the book.


  • Easy-to-understand, succinct definitions in plain language, varying in length from a simple sentence to a longer paragraph, help readers process challenging journal articles or passages.
  • Cross-references to other technical terms used in a definition clarify concepts and encourage readers to engage in contrasts and comparisons between different concepts.
  • Terms are described as they are actually used rather than how they “should” be used to give readers a deeper understanding of the vocabulary in research methods and statistics.
  • Suggestions for further reading sections list useful books, articles, websites, links to recommended statistical software packages, and links to free statistical software applications for further exploration.
  • Relevant, understandable examples make even complex terms easy to understand.
  • Dozens of easy-to-interpret charts, tables, graphs, and figures clarify key information and provide quick visual references.

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