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Having a dynamic ever-changing = software has=20 advantages and disadvantages. There are a few changes.


1.  Accessing data from files and = websites no=20 longer requires // where / previously was. So


rd <-=20 read.table("",header=3DT)




When I get time I will submit all this = as a=20 package for R which will make everything easier to access.


2.  In lmer, the only method for = generalized=20 models is now Laplace so method was removed from this function. It will = give a=20 warning. Future versions of lme4 may include other methods, so = presumably this=20 option might come back into play.


3.  The foreign package, when = reading SPSS,=20 no longer puts all the variable names in capitals.

If you find anything else that doesn't = seem to=20 work, email=20 me.