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Studying Education

Studying Education
An introduction to the study and exploration of education

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March 2020 | 320 pages | Learning Matters

An introduction to the study and exploration of education.

This book gives readers a strong introduction to what education is, the challenges it faces and how to study education at university and beyond. It also explores how educationalists research, engage with debate and explore particular themes and how this impacts on their practice.
This book:

  • Covers key themes, foundation knowledge and essential theory from across the education sector
  • Supports students in knowing what to study and understand – and how to study and develop their understanding
  • Helps readers to see the ‘bigger picture’ of education 
  • Includes support for academic writing, critical exploration of themes, evaluating evidence and engaging with debates


Part 1
Janet Lord
The multidisciplinary field of education and its complexities
David Menendez Hevia
How does the study of other subjects expand our understanding of education?
Stephen Rayner
What are the main factors affecting school organisation and the curriculum in England today?
Kate Hoskins
How does identity shape young people’s experiences of schooling and education?
Edda Sant Obiols
What counts as social justice education?
Part 2
Helen Underhill
What makes good teaching and learning?
Andrew Brogan
What’s so great about Finland?
Liz Gregory
What are theories of learning and how can we use them?
Kate Bacon and Zoe O'Riordan
What are schools for?
Liz Parr
What is learning outside the classroom?
Jayshree Henry
Why do some children in the UK do better at school than others?
Jonathan Glazzard and Samuel Stones
How can we provide children with special educational needs with a quality learning experience?
Rachel Stenhouse
Teacher identity, teaching and pedagogical approaches
Steve Ingle
What is vocational learning?
Part 3
Social justice in education
Leadership and management in education
Early years education and play
Mental health and wellbeing
Technology in the classroom
Global citizenship education

showed it to a couple of our PGCE staff who didn't think it would be read.

Mr Chris Lavers
Education, Duchy College (Cornwall College Group)
December 2, 2020

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